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Dan Gaub has been running a fraud and scam in the Yakima Valley for years!Unsuspecting Church members have been victims of his.

He has taken millions and millions of dollars and all the reports are not good. I lost hundreds of thousands myself! Some people have given him half million, MILLION dollars and then he killed himself like the coward he was! I have read articles about him on places like and

I mean check this all out yourself if you doubt it! Dan pretended he was a Christian. He was a servant of the devil and ripped off everyone he knew and even his own family and friends. There will be a special spot for this man and it will not be playing the bass in the heavenly band.

SHAME ON HIM and its no wonder he killed his worthless self!!!

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I just hung up from Jack and we visited for about 30 minutes. I wanted him to know which "me" posted what and ... I did apologize for the posts the real me did that yes ... were over the top at times.

And the REAL Jim and Guru really IS leaving this board. Any further posts if they claim to be me ... aren't.

To the folks who lost money to Dan ... I am apologizing to you as well for making any of you feel less than deserving of finding some way to be made whole again in all ways, including your money and the emotional loss you suffered as well. The whole thing was simply "bad".

My personal hope is the weird and bizzare posts and behavior stops. The board needs to get back to the original purpose... info on the progress toward final resolution on this deal.

With that .. adios.

Thanks for the visit too, Jack. I appreciated getting clarity and truth.


This is the real Jim.

Jack .. I have submitted a report on the posts here. People are on train wreck path here, with posting personal (and inaccurate) info, posting *** ... so here it is.

I believe you have some sort of administrative function with this site or connection to them.

If so ... remove these posts or turn off this forum entirely.

There is now actionable content that can have the entire pissed consumer site turned off.

And I will.


I have it on the best of authority, from a very reliable source, that Jim Stevens asked one of his G A Y boy friends to help him put this raw information up in hopes he will drive people away.Jim, we know you are a proud bi-sexual man, think you are a "guru", but stop it.

You are just making yourself look bad and I know for a fact you are about to take this all to a new level.People like my sister lost everything and I am going to stand up for her against people like you to the end!


Why is it the the j erks like Jim, who make them selves out to be "Guru's" in forex and network marketing always the same people that are broke all the time and could not of invested if they wanted to, but love to make fun of people that really worked hard for their money. They try to convince others (like Dan did) that they are successful when they are not.


I appreciate it for those that have supported me.I really do.

If some people want to call me bad names, I say let them do it. Please however lets not be the same way back. I am not going to get into a sermon as to why, but if you are doing it for me or because someone called me a name, please do not. I think more and more information is coming out and then people can decide for themselves what they believe or think.

Thank you for listening.:)


Oh man, Guru/Stevens again with "I am gone for good". Same day back again. This guy has about as much credibility and truth as the devil himself would!


Wow-people are attacking Jack again, what did he do? Seriously, what did he do? I like the guy, he is a straight shooter and here is what I think:













The real one!Yes, Jim Stevens is a scam bag someone was saying, so I got a few friends to call Jack one too.

I mean I am starting to get it that Dawndee Gaub, Nathan Gaub, Jordon Gaub are all *** bags too.

I tried to help you a s s h o l e s and you turned on me!


Jack Baugher is a D-BAG!!!


Yes, you are a small man.Intellectually.

A micro, to be sure. Your infantile responses and education level are adequate evidence. Spokane's "Hey Guru", you too. If by this time you don't know the difference between to, too and two you are an ***.

Seriously. There are only a handful of posters (3?) in this forum that have the intellect to have EARNED their own money. The rest are INHERITANCE babies that could not have earned it if they tried. They threw it away on stupidity.

Live with it. This is NOT "Guru", "Jim Stevens" (whoever he is) or anyone else you know.

I can see it now.... "You're Jim Stevens!!" What a bunch of fools and morons.

If you had any net skills at all you could figure that out.Idiots all....


You are welcome to come over to the "good side", you have been trapped in the "dark side" way to long.All you have to do is click your heels three times while wearing your pink dress and admit that your IQ does not register because of your lack of brain power.

It is not hard, at least give it a try.Come on powder puff.


you're going to read this.You can't help yourself.

You respond to the ones you easily antagonize. I call you out on your weak silliness and you go for "about a week" and now you're gone for good. The irony is I used to tell these other guys that if they stop responding to your lack of wit, you'd leave. You've ignored every word I've written.

I hope you come back.It's not too late to take the blue pill and stand up for yourself.

Stop living a mirage.


Jim Stevens under his AKA "Guru" says he is gone again, final toss of insults he attempts.I guess since he was the PIG in all of this, no more rolling around will be needed as the only one doing that was PIG Jim Stevens, AKA "GURU" as stated on his own FB Site.

Now maybe some of the stink can clear again, at least for a while until he breaks his promise and comes back for the 359th time. BTW Jim Stevens, no one thinks Guru is anyone but you. Get it? Only you.

Not Nathan, Sid or anyone else. Yes, there were people trying to guess who the turd on the board was, but the stink lead with all 100% of the clues to your burrow. Takes a while to track and trace a rodent, but you got ferreted out.

Have you not noticed for over a month, only person anyone thinks is Guru is you, Jim Stevens, the switch hitter as you talk about on your FB being interested in men or women.:grin


Guru here ... the real one.

Time's up ... I'm gone.

Have a great time arguing with the other people you think is me, Jim Stevens, Nathan, whatever.

Life calls ... got one to live and it doesn't include being here.

There's a saying ... "Never wrestle with pigs. You get all muddy and the pig likes it."

Ya'll have a nice day now .. ya hear?

Gone for good...

The Real Guru


your guru A conveniently left for your almost a week without responding to me, I'm giving you another chance C. It is in response to you making intentional grammatical errors and then mentioned something about you having prodigies? It was hilarious.

Stirred. You said sturred. It's stirred. That's the one isn't it.

Prodigy? Your favorite movie is The Matrix. This is when I knew you were 14. Nobody wants to be you. You're not Morpheus. If you are, there is no Neo. If there was you would have to fight them and your head would be shoved up your A while your feet kick it up to your neck. Sacks like you don't exist in real life. I don't care who you are. You "reveal" details about other people and say it's you. I like how your sorry face never responds to me. You, unlike Neo, obviously took the red pill and your life is believing whatever you want to believe.

Sorry you're so sorry.


Jim Stevens you work two accounts, one from a Yakima IP and a friends with a Spokane IP.Guru is Jim Stevens and no one is ever going to change their minds on that point, EVER!

Guru is not under a cheney IP and you know it Jim Stevens so do not try to act like it.

Spokane IP's are from Yakima too, so lets again not attempt to fool anyone.Why, because its not working!


I (the real Guru) haven't been on this thing for nearly a week now.And here you are threatening and talking to "Jim Stevens" who also I'm sure isn't here.

Get a clue ...

it's over.And all these "Gurus" and "Jim Stevens" don't have fairy wings hopping from Yakima to Spokane to Cheney to ....

Get a life.


No, I am not a small man at all, as a matter of fact I could pound you into the ground with one shot there Jimmy boy and from the looks of your pics I can honestly say you don't want meet me because it would not end well for you.


More slams for victims from Jim Stevens from a Spokane address. Jim Stevens, have you no shame! :sigh


Some specificity.

Cheney, you are a small man.

A very small insignificant man.Live with that.



Definition of SORRY


: feeling sorrow, regret, or penitence


: mournful, sad


: inspiring sorrow, pity, scorn, or ridicule

: pitiful

— sor·ri·ly adverb

— sor·ri·ness noun

See sorry defined for English-language learners »

See sorry defined for kids »

Examples of SORRY

I'm sorry if I offended you.

She was sorry to hear about their divorce.

I'm sorry for your loss.

I'm sorry for saying that.

I'm sorry that I wasted your time.

What a sorry state of affairs we're in now.

That's the sorriest excuse I've heard.

It goes a long way when people use this word.

When they don't say sorry it shows a lack of respect and contempt. The Gaub's should at least say this on behalf of those that "CLEARLY" lost their life savings.

Remember Gaub Family, if this makes it to Federal court, you will wish you had smoothed over the very people who will be testifying against possibly you,Dawndee, Nathan and Dan. You have not done yourself any favors. I, for one who used to be a friend have no kind words for you at all and can not wait for the time I will be able to look you all in the face and tell you what I really think of all you as you are being sentenced for this crime.


I had occasion to look at Nathan's new Forex website and noticed the mailing address is up on Mieras road.I checked the county tax files and saw a picture of it.

I want to know how a guy who claims to be an incredibly successful trader lives in a home that looks like a 2-holer outhouse?

I am sure the Gaubites or their possee must have a perfectly good explanation.Hmm?


That Jim Stevens is rich.He feels it was OK for Dawndee to just look the other way?

Because Jim was broke and did not invest does not give him a right to continue to poke the rest of us in the eye!

Go rotate on your stick shift Jim!Since you are a switch hitter I am sure you will enjoy it.


Dawndee Nathan and Jourdan owe apologies.If someone gave me two million dollars stolen from others.

If I pissed that money away on a *** ticket company I would say I was sorry. If my spouse stole tens of millions of dollars and I helped talk people into that scam while enjoying the high life from thoses ill gotten gains I would say I was sorry. As far as Nathan I thInk we all know why he needs to say he is sorry. Jim Stevens stop thInking the Gaubs are victims!

They are not.The whole family was aware there was serious issues going on and did nothIng!!


Are you kidding me?Dawndee knew they were broke from last year!

Also knew that despite Dan Claiming he could not get funds out of the so-called investment from overseas, he was taking in more money from ignorant investors, to supposedly send to this same investment.

If he could not get the money in from overseas, where was he going to send this new money?No apology needed you say Jim Stevens, come on!?!


Dawndee sold me on the investments, without her, I would not have given up all of our money.I can tell by the way you write you are the same person as the so called "Guru".

I am also aware, very aware that Nathan Gaub was selling and pushing these "investments".

Jourdan got millions from it, so did Dan's Parents.

Yes, I do think the Gaubs as a family owe explanations and apologies.

They do not seem to, nor have they expressed any concerns about any of us, their victims.


You keep saying "Gaubs" like any old apology will do.BE SPECIFIC, you _dolt.

If you stepped on my foot I sure wouldn't expect your brother in Turdville, Texas to come say he was sorry for your clumsiness. What Gaubs? The son who wound up with a few mil? Wife?


His folks?How about his aunts and uncles?


Tp me one of the biggest is not one shred of proof Dan was innocent. Equally to that zero apologies from a single Gaub!!


Just want to post a reminder lest not we forget the facts so far.

1. Dan killed himself because he knew he was caught.

2. Dawndee and Dan appeared in their 5 star video making outrageous and false claims.

3. Dan on appeared on John Curly radio show on KIRO in Seattle making outrageous and false claims.

4. None can find any records or any of the people Dan claimed to know. (more false claims)

5. Nathan claimed he and his family also invested hundreds of thousands dollars, but to date no records (other than Ken'checks he claims were for Dan to invest, but I think you will find out that they were payments to Dan for being VP of ministry.

6. Nathan gets web address for new forex training to take over for Dan.

7. Nathan claimed to be superior trader and trainer, but will show no proof to back up his claims.

8. F.B.I. raided Dan's home and confiscated Dan's property.

9. Dawndee signed their tax returns.

10. Dawndee lied to courts under oath about debt.

11. Dawndee received $100,000 life insurance.

12. No Gaubs have issued any statements or apologies regarding victims.

13. Ken and Nathan continue to speak at churches, not mentioning the possible crime that Dan committed.

14. Claims that we know of exceed 10 million.

15. Dan claimed to have a headache problem that he sought treatment for, but told hospital he was broke and could not pay the bill. (your head...

16. I.R.S. has a tax lien on the house.

17. Dan claimed that there was 28 million in the robot account, but no proof exists on this account or any for that matter.

18. Dan claimed to make millionaires in forex but noone has come forward.

19. Dan claimed to know "celebrities" that he never knew. (we call that lying).

20. Dan poured millions into his son Jourdan's business,

21. Family has claimed to be close to money so many times we have lost count, now we hear nothing.

22. Family claims they had know knowledge, but Nathan keeps opening his mouth saying all the things Dan did not do, but can not prove his innocence.

Do you see a pattern about false claims or is it just me??????

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Stirred.You said sturred.

It's stirred. That's the one isn't it.t to see if you found my "mistatke" (no "t").

Prodigy? Your favorite movie is The Matrix.

This is when I knew you were 14. Nobody wants to be you. You're not Morpheus. If you are, there is no Neo.

If there was you would have to fight them and your head would be shoved up your A while your feet kick it up to your neck. Sacks like you don't exist in real life. I don't care who you are. You "reveal" details about other people and say it's you.

I like how your sorry face never responds to me.You, unlike Neo, obviously took the red pill and your life is believing whatever you want to believe.

Sorry you're so sorry.


You just made my (Guru's) point perfectly.


We should not be allowed to live?!?Ok a hole.

Do you think there is one person that does not thimk you're Jim Stevens. You f ed up Jim.

Got with your pants to your ankles!!A horrible sight to be sure!!!


This is so funny ... seeing so many "Jim" posts that claim to be really ME (Guru) and you all arguing about it.

The few here who are the most vocal ... you're so st upid it's almost criminal to let you continue living without full time care, but that's okay. Sooner or later Obama Care will get you support.

But soon ... the real me will in fact be gone. I won't even be able to check to see what's to laugh about.

I want my proteges to keep up the good fight though. Carry on ... we depend on you to keep the s hit sturred.


The reason it has not been about Dan, Jim Stevens, is because of you! Spelling errors, grammar, who cares!


For Jim/Guru, I hope you embrace this.

"if you steal money from people and you knew or helped, you will more than likely go to prison."

This quote written for the benefit of Jim/Gaubs/Whites and anyone else who thinks it is no big "WHOOP"


I think I see it.This is such a fun game.

Last I read you were gone for good. Your g(G)ramme(a)r is horrible you sack of ___ ! It's not its.

I am going to call your stank ___ out though. A few weeks ago I was poking some serious fun at some seriously horrid uses of the English language.

You minced no words in telling me that grammEr doesn't matter in this forum.Dumm___!


Whats important is playing games, not about the money you all lost!

Lets play a game, if you notice I mispell a word let me know.I always do you pukes!

No one caught my last one.

Oh, I guess its possible it was caught and no one cared.

That is sad.Spelling and Grammer is so important!


Uhhhhh...... facebook? Pictures? Wow .. you and Sherlock would put the FBI out of business now wouldn't you.

Of course it occurred to me others may have the same spelling by droid problem. Doesn't mean ya can't still have fun AT them AT their expense, right?

Here's a saying you should embrace here, Sparky.

"No one can hurt your feelings, make you angry or afraid... without your consent and participation."

Goes with "If the shoe fits ... wear it."

Except ... who decides if the shoe fits? You.

Have a super week there Jim-Bob. See .. I know it's really Jim Stevens arguing back to make sure no one really knows if it's "him" or not.

One thing is certain. This board is no longer and hasn't been for quite a spell now ... about Dan.

Whew! Mission accomplished.


Guru praises Jim Stevens on his looks and claims anyone claiming to be Jim Stevens is not.How would you know that if you are not Jim Stevens wise guy?

Let me guess. You and Jim Stevens are consulting back and forth and he does not want to set the record straight and come on here and clear it up.

Btw did it ever occurr to you that others might have the same experience with a word and auto spell checks as you claim.Course only Jim Stevens can have that happen.


When you use a droid device it sometimes surprises you with a word it chooses to put in the text.

But I have to say.... only one of of the mental giants here caught that?

But..... it still applies if you know the meaning of the word role.

Jim on fb ..... great looking guy though.

And the guy (I'm guessing anyway) posting as jim.... you go guy!


Just look him up on Facebook, his pic is there. He is a hard core biker dude that says he likes men and women, switch hitter apparently. :eek


its a small town do you really want to know how many people are monitering this site jimbo? How many friends you made?


someone post a link to a pic of jimbo. I live in yak and would love to have a talk with him. time to man up


someone post a link to a pic of jimbo. I live in yak and would love to have a talk with him. time to man up


You are such an attention getter, did you not get any as a child?You know in prison you can get all the attention you want.

I have seen your pictures, you would not last a day inside. Are you a tough biker dude? Do you think your tats make you look tough? Jimmy, Jimmy, hey did they call you yet?

You are not as good of a liar has Dan was, so you must of failed in Dan's lying class, but that's okay. Every board needs it's i diot and I guess you are ours.

Maybe we should embrace your disability.That would make you feel special.


You pukes can stop using my real name!I mean it!

Just call me Guru.

From now on!

If you do not, I will take over this board!

I will force you all to go by my rules from now on!All you homophobes will bow to Guru!


You look like a bigger and bigger fool all the time!! :grin


OMG, how crazy, how absurd its how you ROLL, hillbillies, inbreed, I mean OMG, OMG, is that not what you would do and say Jim Stevens? I have noticed a ton of grammar and misspells from you, but you think you are a Harvard English professor.


Right, Jim, you have no supporters, so if someone comes on and try to either show support, or *** on victims, we know its you.If would be better since we all know "the real Guru" is Jim Stevens for you to just come on as Jim Stevens.

Since we never hear them come back on and deny being Jim Stevens, its clear it is you. At any rate, the bottom line is you have a credibility rating with people of about 30-40 points less than Congress does and theirs is at 11%.

So, Jim Stevens, how many times you going to lie about not coming back and then just come back time and time again.Get a life, stop lying and stay away you fool!


No, not whacked out, just know the "TRUTH", keep trying Jim to deflect, but you are now boring me>


Geeez... you guys are totally wacked out here posting to anyone anywhere now calling them jim stevens just because.

Hey if it turns yer motor over go for it.

The people you are claiming to be Jim Stevens are no doubt wondering what y'all are on but they are figuring out it isn't anything but just who you are and how you role. Right?

No.... I won't stay. I was just amused.


You are a little man, with big mental issues.People have lost faith, trust, money, their future and their childrens on some level and instead of dealing with those issues, you have to pester everyone that makes a spelling and grammar issue.

I mean really? Whoever made the mistake did not bother me, but you? This is why you just had to pi ss in all the victims face and still continue to do it.

You do not see the Forrest for the trees.Shame on you Jim Stevens!



You cut me to the quick. Another genius.


Jim Called a buddy to plug trying to make us all look bad for outting him. :grin

gaub victim

Yes, Jim, we all are so ***.You are the smart guy, I mean you tricked us all into thinking it was Jim Stevens just to throw us off.

How cleaver.We are humbled and bow before you!


In a lawsuit or prison spelling does not matter.Anyway big boy I would watch your mouth if I were you.

I don't think you could fight your way out of your house!Hey, I got an idea, meet me for lunch and we can discuss your future.


There goes Jim Stevens with his obsession on spelling and grammer posting from a Spokane ip. Yes it fooled us all!!


Not one of these geniuses will even catch it.


Stu.pd hillbilly.Learn to spell.

Like I said - INHERITED money.

Way too du.mb to have earned it.You couldn't pass a 3rd grade selling and grammar test.


Lets drop the formalities and I will now refer to you in your real given name, Jim.No problem on you being the a s s h o l e you are.

Your name will now be added to a lawsuit being prepared as we post. I am waiting for the F.B.I. report so I know all the right names to add,since there are SO MANY victims, the cost to each will be minimal at best. We will leave it up to the courts to decide, but last time I checked it did cost money to defend a lawsuit.

Personally I don't care about you, you have proven to be the real puke!! I am sure your MLM work at home business has provided you with enough extra money to defend a lawsuit with lets just say for giggles at least 50 plaintiffs (that's probably conservative seeing as there are more that Dan scammed). I not sure what chance you think you will have, but good luck.

We all (victims) have nothing to lose by going after a J E R K LIKE YOU Jim.Let this sink into your head and I bet your waiting patiently for your phone call (and probably dumping in your depends).


Boy I guess you told us. :sigh


So I do not care if you know who I am. I am not going to say I am sorry. Why? I am not.

You are all a bunch of pukes and I could careless about any money you lost. Too Bad!

Life calls, I have to run! Good bye for good this time. This time is for real.


With "Right", Jim, do you make fun of someone who smokes and then gets cancer, calling them names for causing their ailment?You do owe an apology.

I for one will sue you if you do not come clean and ask for forgiveness. The evidence about you is 110% correct. "Right" is right, it does not cost to add you to a lawsuit that "WE, the victims will FOR SURE be filing, but it will cost you money to defend yourself in one of the "BIGGEST" scams to hit this area in history. Do you really think we will forget all about you and the money Dan stole??????

I think not. But I for one can forgive if you man up and publicly apologize and make it perfectly clear it is you. This is a one time offer from me. The same offer goes to the Gaubs.

When the F.B.I. rules, there will be people in a lot of trouble, this I can say with certainty.

This was not your "run of the mill theft" and if you knew as you claimed, then I would be "sweating" bullits, but that is not my job or yours to decide, it is the F.B.I..My God have mercy on you, because your life is gonna change.


To the bitter end Jim Stevens wants us all to think he is not Guru.I mean lets face it, if that were true and its not, Jim knows Guru and Guru would know Jim.

They both must be the best of friends, both do FX, both knew Dan, both like Horses, Both knew Dawndee. Both are tough guys. Both use Guru in their names. They are both VERY GOOD friends with the man in the hospital.

So "Guru" would certainly let Jim Stevens know what was going on and Jim Stevens would be outraged and get on the board and advise everyone of the misunderstandings. Guess what, has not happened and will not happen. I wonder why? Such a mystery.

I should get a hold of 48 hours. We inbreeds just can not figure it out.

Such a mystery and Guru still has us all so fooled.Well done Guru, well done!


Simple put Jim Stevens needs to come clean and apologize


Jim Stevens, did you blame Dorr for being sick, his own fault, too bad, so sad, ha ha!?!I mean with friends like you, who needs enemies.

You are really something.

You come out acting like this incredible "Guru". Man of wisdom. Trying to tell everyone that is just trying to figure out the betrayal, loss, fear for the future out how it all is. Jim Stevens thinks it is his place to make fun, laugh, "Move on", "pukes" "In breads" "Hillbillies" you name it.

Then you kick it up a notch with sneaking around peoples homes, using peoples names, first, last, whatever, you used names of people that people knew who they were. If I say Dan for example, do you think I need to say Dan Gaub for people to know who I am talking about? How about Jack? DO you think you need to use his last name for anyone to know who that is?

I mean you have fancied yourself such a rebel, tough guy that would kick the *** out of people, set wrongs done to the Gaubs right.

How would you like it if people were for no apparent reason dogging your friend in the hospital? Do you have any moral compass at at Jim Stevens? All of your words have been logged, kept.

You can be sued for mental distress and anguish, slander and defamation and more, you caused so many people. I know you think you are so wise and doubt that, but there are victims checking with attorneys to add your name to law suits. In the end Jim, it cost nothing more to add your name to a suit. It will...

I am going to encourage you to come clean, apologize for your actions, be a man and put this behind you. I think you might be surprised that people are forgiving. If you stiffen up, want to continue with the "Golly Molly" routine, I have done nothing wrong, I am not Jim Stevens, I will let him know how you feel, I suspect this will blow back in your face. I mean it has already if you are honest enough to admit it.

I mean really Jim, the gig is up, everyone knows you are Guru, so just do what is right and everyone can move on. Your call. I guess this is when we find out if you really have any brains or not. You seem to have a soft side and feelings for your friend.

You have hurt a lot of people Jim, a lot.

I would think that somewhere deep inside of you, maybe, just perhaps, you might feel bad.Maybe I am wrong, after all, what would a hillbilly know...................

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Yes Jim, you (Guru) have become a liability to yourself and you must go.To any Guru copycats, (there really are not any, due to the fact they don't want to appear s tupid and get found out),but nice try Jim.

Sorry about John, I just want to know do you taunt John for being sick? Do you make fun of him for getting cancer like you have poked at people here?

Is it funny to you your friend is dying?Think next time before you poke a sleeping dog and an apology is in order to all.


But ... what's new.

See ya'll next time. Life calls.

To the other Guru's ... keep the good fight going. My friend is within a few days of losing his now. Cancer is moving so fast in his brain and spinal column.

It's been real.

Yes ... this time I (this Guru) am really gone.

But I gotta say ... how clever to find Jim, his site with guru in the name and connect him to me ... the other Guru's I know are hurt.

I will confess ... I'm really no one you have mentioned.

But here is a clue. Do a google for Guru and see if you can find me.

You can if you try.

But I will hold to my word this time.

This is the last post from THIS Guru.


He crapped his depends for sure. Finding he called himself guru on his Facebook site did it for everyone I think. I mean the mans IQ is about 45-50 I am guessing.


I think poor Jim has tucked his tale and ran! Finally, once outed from the closet, this big tough guy has pi ssed his pants and ran, that is so great! FINALLY!!


Jim I would start buying your depend under garmets in bulk and double bag your a ss in them!! Seriously tough guy. When people find you having doubled up on the depends will come in real handy when you get the sh it kicked out of you!!


I have to admit, ole Jim Stevens is one dum b FU CK.ditto on the ROFL!!

I am laughing so hard I am crying!!:cry


This takes the cake, Jim boy puts Guru in his web site and email, LOL, LOL!!Oh well, the man is dumb as a box of rocks.

Yes, I have to admit, with all of the various obvious clues, I am still thinking that Guru has us all fooled! No idea who Guru is still, ROFL, LOL!!

OH MAN, Can't wait to tell some of my friends this, they can sure use a good laugh!:grin


Yes Jim it is you with absolute certainty, the guy who has poked a stick in the eye of every victim of Dan's who has also threatened many of us.I saw your pics and just laughed until I could no longer.

YOU TOUGH? my young granddaughter could drop you to your knees.Your the guy who wanted to kick my ***. You could not get a lick in before you would be picking up your false teeth from the ground. If I were you I would stop before you really get into more trouble than you are.

And you called us all hillbillies and made fun of our IQ's........ Okay genius!!!!!

LOL....Hey, just a thought, don't post your .com with guru in it......Work at home, yeah I am gonna guess that is the only place you belong.....LOL....See ya in court there genius.....LOL


Come clean Jim. You will feel better and lets face it no one buys you are not guru the little sh it that has pi ssed in all of our faces for months. Ain't goin happen.


It's okay ... at some point the real Jim Stevens might even decide to post.

In the meantime though, I think the 3 or 4 of us (now that we have the Phantom Jim posting too) is plenty.

For me ... I have enough now on my plate and there's enough "Guru" posters .. including you now ... no need for me to keep in here.

But .. as you all know, I don't keep my word and since I'm broke too, I have nothing better to do than come and haunt this board before I'm fitted for my designer prison suit, just after I have some sort of relations with who ever and .... I guess that's about it.


And I have to tell everyone how to run their lives, what to think and I'll control this board telepathically while also posting simultaneously from different accounts all at the same time.

Proof I'm actually a Saint.

See ya ... go GURUS!~


Jim Stevens.His email address is



Whose there?


F.B. who?

F.B....I told they will call!


I do live in Spokane. I agree with Guru! You

all are pukes!

If fact come by pikes place in Spokane and we can meet! See I know my way around Spokane! That is prove enough I live there!


Now Jim Stevens is going to tell us how to live and post. Give me a break!


Please enlighten us to what "your" rules are here, so we know how to do this.


Yes, Dan was a living legend, in his, yours and those that refuse to believe a crime was committed minds. It must be sad to be that out of touch with reality.I Pity the fool who can't see this for what it is, sin!


You make me smile.Please keep your "bike" in good shape so when you are sued we can sell it for a good price.

"Control this board", you can't even control your life!!!!Keep it up, you give me a reason to check my computer.


Jim you sick bast ard !!!Toying with the victims.

Next you will come back on and say it was not you that posted.

Back and forth to screw with people.Well Jim Stevens we know you are guru and yes it took a while to figure it out but now that you are out of the closet you are worse than ever!!


OK, its time to man up. As most of you know by now I am Jim Stevens. At least admit it took you pukes long enough to figure it out.

I will never apoligize however for anything I have said because Dan was a living legend.

You all are s t u p i d D u m b pukes and that will never change.

I suspect you all are using different IP's so I did with a few Spokane post myself, so what.

I gave you a grace day yesterday that ends now and I will rule this board. Its mine. You will all play by my rules!


Guru-AKA Jim Stevens is now talking to himself.He would have us believe some guy, really in Spokane, is as worked up as he is about anything said negative about Guru or the Gaubs.

Now he is talking back and forth to himself, pretending its just another concerned Gaub supporter that hates everyone that says a word about them. Its Jim on another account. When he is visiting his friend at the Hospital or at his house, he uses their wireless, which is Century Link. Jim's Wireless at home is Charter.

That comes up Yakima.Do the math.


Between them all and their cousins thrown in for good measure they couldn't hit 100 IQ.

Man you guys are d u m b.

But entertaining.


Who is there?


Guru Who?

Guru,I mean Jim, no Sid, no Nathan, Darn you

found me out, Was it my arrogant posts or the

fact I am not that brilliant that I got caught?

Ah, never mind, I will let the F.B.I. sort out

your lies.


Your writing style has Jim Stevens all over do not live in Spokane.

Your lying through your teeth!!

Only Jim Stevens would have took such a personal interest in each post and each location.Such insults Jim Stevens the coward of the county.


You have attributed several of my posts to 'Guru' and I am not him. So have others. I am not some magic Yakima phantom. I live in downtown Spokane. The only thing you can be truly sure of is the reason why you can't see your toes.

Another Neanderthal.

There at least four people I know of that have posted, including the real Guru, that have had posts attributed to Guru. There's a group of about five of you (Anchorage, Denver, et al) that are almost into triple digit IQ points if you add them all together. Bring in a couple cousins. That should tip you over into normalcy.

I can't wait for the stupendously witty and intelligent comeback this revelation will inspire.


Guru is Jim Stevens.Harley or not.

Jim pictured on the moon that's not the point. The point is Jim Stevens is Guru! Period.

100% sure!The fact he is not being honest just come clean tells me volumes!!


Not a Harley, but that doesn't matter, we will just sell it anyway when we sue you! It's worth something. Have fun waiting for the "CALL".


You got the wrong guy.


I am touched. Jim Stevens is offering us grace. How nice!


I will take bets you get a call Mr.Guru from F.B.I..

Have a nice weekend cause the rest of the time you will be worrying about your phone call. Don't worry about losing weight for your jump suit, I can see by your pics that they have sizes for big wind bags like yourself.

Who is gonna feed the horses and take care of your Harley when your gone......Oh I forgot you will probably lose all that in the civil lawsuit we all bring against you.Have a nice day.


"The best way to destroy an enemy is to make him a friend."

-- Abraham Lincoln


This is the day for all you folks that just gotta show you got big balls.

Now I post under Spokane AND Yakima? Hey Spokane ... see how easy it is to get credit for my stuff?

Go ahead ... call me Jim Stevens, Sid, tell me I'm gonna be wearing an orange prison suit and whatever ... today.

I won't make any disparaging comments about your mother, father, brothers and sisters and your unquestioned breeding and upbringing.

For the record ... I didn't use anyone's full name. Not even Jack's.

Now ... on with the catharsis and post all the comments you want. Get it out of your system.


By the way ... if anyone DOES really know who I am and think you have pull with the FBI ... have 'em call me. So far ... no ringy ringy from them. I'm still waiting for my jump suit fitting.


Jim just because you post under Spokane now and then does not mean people can not notice when it's you.


Listen, first, because you "do not like" how some people state their views, you want to give them "blood pressure spikes".Then be childish or threaten the board if you do not have people act the way you desire you will "take over the board".

I have news, you have done that many times already. Jack was visible so you wanted to deal with him or "Other nit wits opinions you did not agree with" so you felt while you were not known to purposely inflame anyone that did not agree with you. If I did not think you were a A Hole before, I sure do now. You think if people cross the line you are to deal with them.

What about all the times you crossed the line? I agree with Denver, things are fine on this board when you are not around. You do not want peoples "real names" used or you will take over the board. I find this amusing when you have brought up Jack's name and other peoples time and time again.

Jack came on here with his name only after others were putting his name and other information all over. Most likely it was you doing it, the point is, you continue to do it and as you said above, he was visible target so you went after him. You are a hypocritical human being to say the very least. I think you will just keep kicking the honest nest and in the end, you will make yourself a target of people angry with you and the fact that they feel they know who you are now.

If you are not Jim Stevenson then you are doing him harm the same way your...

Grow up, its a free country. I have despised every post you make, because they are all ones I disagree with. I will however fight for your right to express your views, like them or not. No one else threatens to "take over the board" act childish, give people blood pressure spikes, re-post hundreds of times.

I mean do you not think you are being just a little childish and over the top, maybe just a little? It appears to me that people have been guessing about who "Guru" was for months.

You laughed, crowed, made fun, never said a word about peoples names being used UNTIL, someone said Jim Stevenson and then POW, you went off like a flipping rocket.I do not claim to be the head of the class, but that gave me some clue as to who you are.............

Show more

Threats. Really?

Impotent Child.


Go ahead Jim Stevens make your threats to take over board who cares.You think its your job to decide who is right who is wrong who lost money you feel sorry for who lost money you don't care about.

You are a loser a weasel and if you continue your bull s hit its going to back fire big time. I know who you are where you live you have no clue who I am. Leave this board like you promised a hundred times to do for good or it's you who will have serous regrets. Did you notice when you leave things are quite and peaceful.

When you come back it's crazy b s It does not take a rocket scientist to see who stirs up problems. Go deal with your friend.

No one wants your lies and *** anymore.Don't say I did not warn you Jim Stevens .


You are right ... you have been the only one that posts your name, number, etc.

And that makes you a pretty visible target to stir up the board by launching comments about you.

I admit it ... after being on this board long enough to see the few nit wits who have an opinion which not only I don't agree with, but others who are more timid and afraid to stir things up but did post their objections once in a while ... it got under my skin.

There's a sign that says, "The only reason you're still alive is it's illegal to kill people like you."

So, why not give them a blood pressure spike instead.

And you ... with nothing to fear or hide ... were the perfect vehicle to do that with.


Jim, Sid, Ethan, Sam A., Dr. S. L., Ron N., Elaine A., Bobby G., Rick S., Mr. and Mrs. G., Erik G., Lee W., the list is long ... people who have had involvement over the years, lost money, made money ... whatever.

We all have our stories.

Once in a while, a line gets crossed, even on these boards, that simply needs someone to take a hand in correcting it.

I did.

Not sorry for that part, am sorry for the folks that were rightfully offended that had nothing but good intentions and didn't cross any lines.

So with that ... Jack. You can rest easy knowing I won't call you. Most likely, neither with Jim, Sid, Ethan, Ron, Erik, whoever ... cuz it has no point.

There's nothing any one of you or us...

But I'm still here. Do *** stuff and I'll take ownership of this board for years.

Keep it nice and keep people's real names off the board.

See ya ....

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By continually posting the same posts you are obviously trying to cover your tracks so others can not find the posts about who you are, but know worries I will make sure the F.B.I has your name (I am sure they already do, but just in case they don't we will make sure of it) I am gonna guess your a little nervous about talking to them. It is easy to try to deflect by using Jack's name, but all we know better. It is time to pay the piper.


This is Jack, I had nothing to do with the *** you try to suggest I did and I do not appreciate it.

You have used my name in the past and you have claimed you would call me.I have invited you to man up and call me and we could have a adult conversation, you have refused.

I have my own suspensions as to who you are, they are solid, based on fact and I am 99.999999999% sure of my information. As with anything, I will always leave myself some room for error. As to who that is, I will keep it to myself. If others think they know, thats up to them.

You have had no problem bastardizing me and I have not acted like someone in kindergarten. If you do not like people making suggestions as to who they believe Guru is, leave the board. You are the one that continued to make veiled threats and innuendo that suggested things that fired the board up if you ask me. You seem to enjoy speculating, saying who you think made this post or that post, yet get all fired up if anyone does that about you.

You have enjoyed making remarks about my home, my backyard, anything to upset me you could.

I can say with ALL 100% honestly I have no idea of who is making some of these post. I certainly am only one of many that come up under Spokane, that much I am 100% sure of. I invite you once again to pick up the phone and call me. I have put my number on here enough, plus I can be looked up very easy.

Do you not think that is the way reasonable men do...

Just be man enough to do it either in person, or on the phone.I think 100% of reasonably minded people would agree with that.

Show more

I can't unpost that post you're referring to, where I supposedly confessed I'm Jim Stevens and have those "tendencies" ... because though it showed up as a Yakima Post, it's not me.

And that was the nerve that got hit ... using someone's real name (I know him as well as several others here) and you know ... that's just part of being un-cool.

So ... back to the point.

We all (hay seeds and everyone) let this thing cool off and go back to a focus on Dan and the FBI if they ever come out with more info or the game continues and this board becomes my personal daily, minute by minute play ground, exclusive to me alone.

I'm good with it either way.


Okay ... let's try this again.

I'm not irritated because someone thinks I'm Jim Stevens. He may be though. And I may be him, but I also may be Sid. But I'm not Nathan.

However ... as you pointed out, there's some seriously challenged hay seeds in here and they need to know when it's a good time to stop playing the "I'm hot stuff" card and just let things go out nicely.

I (the Guru you all know and love) have nothing but time on my hands. I can keep this board tied up for months, just because.

Or we can dial it down now and play nice.

I really do have other things I'd like to get on with, including a funeral coming up in the near future with John.

But yes, a nerve got hit ... with the s tu pid remarks and other than Jack (who I think likely decided to play the I'm Jim Stevens game) start using people's real names on boards like this.

If we want to play those games, this is just the start.

Or ... we let the board cool off.

Or ... we can keep it up and see where this goes. At the very least, this board will never be posted on again, cuz I can carry my mobile device with me and keep it shut down for as long as .... you get the idea.

Let's see ...


I thought you were above the petty childishness until now.If you're *** it's your business.

You'll have to sort that out, but don't stoop to third grade tactics here. Seriously. With all the sub mo.ronic uneducated hayseeds in here, you were at least moderately refreshing.

Now go scrub in a hot shower, unpost that bit from earlier (please - it hurts my brain) and don't degenerate again.I am of course referring to the over posting and the over playing of the homo card, both.


Yes it's time to repost.I will create a web site and make everyone aware of you guru- Jim Stevens !!!

It's clear to all a nerve was touched.No one would be this upset if what was said was not true.


I know what Jim Stevens is trying to do, push all the post down. Its about trying to prevent people from knowing Jim Stevens is Guru, so he thinks he will just do the ole Guru is here to stay. So I ask all to re-port your ads, over and over again, because its freaking Guru/Stevens out. I am more certain than ever whoever found out the truth, was 100% correct!! Jim Stevens is losing it. He would be with his buddy. I know the guy has no life and wants to be on his computer forever but he can not do it 24/7 so lets let the world know about Guru and just cut and paste and re-post each time he pushes you post down.

. Written by Jim Stevens stop it-ZILLAH MAN on September 15, 2012 from spokane, washington, US

Everyone knows by now its you, so you are going to get pissed cause someone outed you and be an SO whats new. Have your fun, it just makes you look like what you truly are. If you think re-posting and re posting is going to make people angry, its not. It just lets people know what a sick and childish mind we are all dealing with. You think the board is now useless because everyone knows Jim Stevens is Guru and you can no longer pop off to everyone and think people will not find you. I mean everyone respected that you came out, admitted your love for Dan and how you felt. We can respect that. You just have to come to terms with things now and move on. Your lover is gone, like the money is gone. Get over it Jim, its time.


Sorry, not written by Guru, but for Guru.


No need to get so upset, you have been outed and the F.B.I.should be knocking on your door very soon.

No need to exit gracefully or at all for that matter......... I wonder if they have internet in federal lock up........Won't matter anyway cause this board will be done when YOU and the other "PUKES" as you like to call everyone are paying for this crime.

Hey,do you think you can pass a polygraph?.......Who is the PUKE now Mr.Guru?


Lets face it, if Jim Stevens was not Guru then

"guru" would not be getting so mad.

Its clear a nerve was hit and if Jim Stevens was not Guru, he would be laughing and thinking this was all funny. Instead he is P I S S E D!

Its easy to figure people out. Stevens is GURU! :grin


Everyone knows by now its you, so you are going to get pissed cause someone outed you and be an whats new.

Have your fun, it just makes you look like what you truly are. If you think re-posting and re posting is going to make people angry, its not. It just lets people know what a sick and childish mind we are all dealing with. You think the board is now useless because everyone knows Jim Stevens is Guru and you can no longer pop off to everyone and think people will not find you.

I mean everyone respected that you came out, admitted your love for Dan and how you felt. We can respect that. You just have to come to terms with things now and move on.

Your lover is gone, like the money is gone.Get over it Jim, its time.


There you go again obsessing about people's spelling. Even from a Spokane address everyone knows it you!!


Cheney... you're a genius. lol...

Like I said - inherited money.


The great part in knowing who you are is so does the F.B.I..If you indeed knew about Dan precipitating in this crime and you said nothing than you will have some explaining to do.

I am sure the F.B.I. watches this board knowing somebody is gonna get full of them selves and say something.

Good Job Guru!!!!!Prison jumpsuit here you come!!!


Jim Stevens is guru and now for the umteeth time says he is leaving.This time I think he will however because he was caught with his pants down not a pretty site.

He is still trying to fool people into thinking he is not guru. I spoke to a lady that said she was at the hospital and over heard Jim Stevens speaking to dorr about getting caught for being guru. He was heard flat out when he thought no one was listening, admitting to being guru. The truth is out!

You stepped in it Jim big time.

You have had your sick twisted fun.Now it's going to back fire on you big time I suspect.


I can't speak for all the other Guru Posters but for me ... I'm sick of feeling like that person who can't drive by the car wreck without looking, even though you KNOW you don't want to see the blood and guts on the road.

So.... I'm oughta here. I don't like what this whole thing makes me feel like, do, think.

The Pukes ... it's all yours.

The Decent People who lost money, I hope you get it back.

Jim ... hope you're not G Ay.

Me ... I'm still the guy you really wouldn't want to meet when I'm in a foul mood.

But adios.


I'll take that under advisement. What threat?

Would you like Jim to know you're unhappy? I'll pass that on.

For those of you paying attention, over the past several months there's been no less than 3 people posting using the "Guru" handle, up to and including the recent "outting" post done by whoever wanting to be Guru and Jim.

But for my personal take on it ... if you think you know who I am and want to come looking, I'll keep the lights on for ya.

If you feel "threatened" ... oh well. That's your own take on communication. Most call it paranoid tendencies.

I'd take trying to "out" someone as a threat personally. Jim may not take kindly to that.

Good news ... after a few cookies and milk, all seems better. Just ask the Oracle on Matrix.


You just threatened the wrong guy Jim Stevens


back when times were tough.Information helped most of us understand tragedies.

This information about guru has brought us full circle.

I am starting to understand the tragedy of people who care so much about the identity of an id-iot who has ruled this forum for weeks.

The way I see it, which probably means little, start ignoring him like you should've time after time.Whatever...I'm probably wasting my keyboard on deaf ears.


Outted? Who do I think I am? Really?

You "checked" and know who I am for sure? Really?

Let's assume for a moment I really was anyone that you could confirm who I really am.

If you know me ... you know I could not care less if you do or don't know me. I'm one of those guys who does have a "chip" on my shoulder just one tick away from letting someone try and knock it off.

I'm the guy that already knows who the target really is.

I'm the guy you probably don't want to be on the bad side of.

So ... if you think you actually know me and want to find out if it's correct .. come looking for me and find out.

Otherwise, it appears to me some of the posters here actually do have a humanity streak in them and would like to see things dial down a bit.

How about you, Denver?


Now that Jim Stevens has come out of the closet he is singing a different tune.He was just threatening people and then he came out or someone outted him, whatever the case, bottom line, its Guru in the ball room with the wrench.

The clues "guru" laid out over the months of p.issing in peoples faces and c.rapping all over everyone makes it very clear Guru is Jim Stevens. I sure hope you come to terms to what you did to so many good people Jim. A real wise guy if you ask me. Now that everyone knows Jim Stevens is the smart *** Guru Jim wants to "let is all go".

I am getting misty. How big of you Jim. I have posted three times in total this would be my fourth. I am not from Spokane as it comes up I live in Union Gap so I have known Ken for years that is how I wound up involved in this mess.

Anyway, Jim I met you a few times at Dan's and thought you were a better man. I have been PIS.SED about how you have spoke down to us all and I for one think you need to make a apology to us all. Everyone of us for how you talked and treated us. We do not deserve to have lost our money.

We are not greedy and all the other slams and put downs you have put on us all. I have spoke with Jack too. He is someone you had a special hard on for. He to me has been 100% correct about this whole saga if you ask me.

I hope you come to terms with things now that you have a friend dying and for that I am sure sorry.

Regardless of the fact, its time you man...

Show more

Now that we know a name for sure and I checked.Guru is Jim Stevens.

Past post has age correct he has horses is in fx has dorr dying friend with exact details as stated on post here on his FB info. Now that he is outted Jim is being all nice. No more threats. The smart *** mouth shut down.

What a human being you have been to do many victims Jim Stevens.Who do you think you are?


Thanks by the way on the pray for John. He needs it.

And I'm okay with agreeing to disagree. Sin is sin and I have a different understanding perhaps of what sin means and does. Sin brings its own consequences and typically they are bad.

But what we don't know is that state of mind and grace and forgiveness and repentance ... all that ... at the instant Dan (in this specific case) met his Maker.

Simply meaning, we can speculate but only Dan and God know if he was forgiven or not.

Other than that ... I'm good with letting this whole thing go.

Have a good weekend to all.


Wow ... I leave, see John, come back and see "I" posted and didn't even have to type!

I have no idea (actually I think I do know) who "I" am that typed the Jim / Guru post, but ...

I like it!

Thank you, who ever that was. It seemed to put a nice "cap" on all these posts.

Update on John ... 2 weeks looks like a generous guess on his time left. He talks now and suddenly instead of the conversation you were having, he's telling about a walk downtown yesterday that strained his knee (he never left the hospital obviously) and then on to what his mother likes for lunch.

No ... not "g ay" either.

And if I'm no longer SID .. I can be JIM I guess. Or maybe Nathan (...not) or whoever. Maybe I'm Ron but not Jack.

No matter ... this board has been a great release for many.



Jim is right on about John.Sorry to say he is fighting for his life.

Maybe we can put all this fighting to rest and let justice and the F.B.I.

do their job.I need my money as I worked hard for it, but I am alive and I think Jim brings up some valid points (although Jim, until the facts are in we are just going to have to agree to disagree), remember SIN is SIN, but with that said I think we need to pray for John and his family and count our blessing.


Let me get this right, not that I want to poke fun at you or judge Dan, But are you suggesting Dan was *** and you were having a relationship that Dawndee was aware of.You mentioned coming out of the closet.I must say I respect your honesty on the last post like it or not.

Please correct if I misunderstood.Again, I want to be careful not to judge anyone and don't want to start false and misleading rumors.


Jim you sick ***. I don't know you but karma will get you I suspect!!


OK, its time to come clean. I have went by Guru for months. I have decided to say who I am. I am Jim Stevens.

I was a very special close friend to Dan. Yes, in ways like a man and woman are. Dawndee was aware. She knew everything about Dan and what he was doing. She was a wonderful wife and supported him no matter what.

With another friend about to die I felt it was time to just come clean. People listen up, you lost your money, too bad! Get over it! I am sorry if that offends some but lets face it, its only money, go make more of it.

Not sure I will be back but its has been fun to poke you all in the eyes for being so lame as to fall for Dans scam. When he told me about it at first I was a little taken back. Then I understood oh well, if they are going to hand you their money thats on them!

Look, I do not care anymore and I have decided to come out of the closet in a number of ways. I am the Guru, I did love Dan and in many ways. He was a great man in many ways and I love him and miss him. Now you can all kiss my and I do not care anymore. I am better and smarter than all of you will ever be combined! Dan was too.

I have to get back to my friend. Be happy. Live life. You have not lost everything. You have friends that love you and you are not dying.


Guru has money. He is on his way to his mamas to see if she will give him his piggy bank so he can count his money and see if he has enough to buy his so called friend a card. Better hit dollar tree guru I do not think you can afford hallmark you low life ***!!


If you had money you would have invested GURU!You lying smug pile of human waste!

Dan was your idol, if he was offering 4% a month, you would have been all over it like flies on ***! He would have got you in if you had money because he screwed over his brother, his Dad his friends. No one was off limits to Dan! That is what kind of person he was, SO PLEASE do not tell me you are a man of money and just decided you thought something smelled or maybe Dan did not drop all the flipping hints of his amazing success to you and you never heard about the 4% a month, right!?!



Guru claims to have a dying friend.I am sure there is some guy named John dying.

Is it some friend of Guru's I doubt it. If it was, he is spending his time making threats to all of us instead of being with his friend. Guru started the fight. He has no skin in the game, lost no money, yet found it his and I quote "mission in life" to screw with all of us.

We are far from done with you too! You are a worthless as an exploding bed pan in my book!!

I agree, its time for you as the Cheny poster said to get some big boy pants.Change your diaper and move on!


First, your educated guess that I have no money and therefore couldn't invest would be wrong.

But that's neither here nor there.

I have stated time and again, I do have sympathy for the people who lost money. That's not the issue either.

What IS the issue, has been as others have posted ... it's NOT Dawndee or the boys fault. They had no idea what was happening. And as the "alias" poster has said, she has promoted her husband's business all along, too. It's what family's do.

No ... the issue has been for me, the low life attacks on people who had no part and are as much (more actually) a victim as those who lost money.

Add in this "Dan can't get away with this!!!" --- he DIED. Whether by his own hand, or by medical incident while operating the motorcycle or ... --- uhhhhh ... dead isn't exactly getting away with it.

Then we have these sickening "gospel quotes" from people who are no more Christian than Satan himself and you end up with ... a bunch of pukes who deserve whatever happened to you.

For the REST of you who lost money ... but have kept some common decency and balance here, I'm sorry for your loss.

But you didn't lose everything. You're alive, have family and friends who love you and you have the ability to start again .. smarter.

My friend John is declining fast. They are not sure he'll even make it out of the hospital to hospice now. Cancer has gotten very agressive on his brain and...

The pukes who just want to spew s.hit about it ... go ahead, it's meaninless coming from your vile mouth anyway.

The rest of you in the Yakima Area ... John Dorr, room 211, Memorial Hospital. If you knew him ... NOW would be the time to see him.

No, I'm not concerned about stalkers trying to do anything. At this point, it would be a lift for him anyway.

You know .. maybe I'm NOT done with the pukes here after all. Before I am done I may have some real fun with this board, just because I'm actually pi ssed at some of you now.

Pukes ... don't bother getting a life. You don't deserve one.

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I am sorry for any lose of life, but you don't seem any concerned about what has happened to the victims of Dan Gaub and I am gonna take an educated guess and say you have no money and were not able to invest because you are broke unlike the hard working educated people who were duped (you can see some of the names and they are all God fearing pillars of the community) whose only mistake was to trust someone who spoke as a believer, but acted liked a nonbeliever.I don't really know how God will deal with this matter, that is up to him, but on earth we have this "thing" called JUSTICE and even though you think people should take the loss and move on, that is not what will happen according to the laws.

GET IT!!!!!! I will am making an educated guess that there will be people going to prison, who I don't know until the facts are out. I suggest you go back in your hole. I did speak to the F.B.I.

and they are not saying anything except they are aware of this board. Now if you think they don't know who any of use that post are, then I would suggest you continue doing what Dan did and we will see were you end up since your so smart and watched Dan trade and make millions.

If you did this you would not have to live with Dawndee and you could actually grow up and wear big boy pants for a change.You are a poor excuse for a Christian man.


I am sorry for any lose of life, but you don't seem any concerned about what has happened to the victims of Dan Gaub and I am gonna take an educated guess and say you have no money and were not able to invest because you are broke unlike the hard working educated people who were duped (you can see some of the names and they are all God fearing pillars of the community) whose only mistake was to trust someone who spoke as a believer, but acted liked a nonbeliever.I don't really know how God will deal with this matter, that is up to him, but on earth we have this "thing" called JUSTICE and even though you think people should take the loss and move on, that is not what will happen according to the laws.

GET IT!!!!!! I will am making an educated guess that there will be people going to prison, who I don't know until the facts are out. I suggest you go back in your hole. I did speak to the F.B.I.

and they are not saying anything except they are aware of this board. Now if you think they don't know who any of use that post are, then I would suggest you continue doing what Dan did and we will see were you end up since your so smart and watched Dan trade and make millions.

If you did this you would not have to live with Dawndee and you could actually grow up and wear big boy pants for a change.You are a poor excuse for a Christian man.


Offer your friend some prayers.You have crapped all over the rest of us and want prayers for your friend?

Not a kind word or prayer for any of us?

I agree you are a fraud and most likely made up yet another story to get sympathy.You need the life a hole!!


If you really live in Zillah ... you're close enough to go to the hospital and meeting him.

It is your responses, similar to Anchorage and Spokane Man, that people other than me, have posted calling you evil, heartless, small minded, simpletons.

How long do you think it takes to type this?

I suppose if it's you ... all day maybe? I have spent the time I need with John and will continue to as needed. They will be moving him to a new hospice care facility perhaps even today, but in the next few days at the outside.

Looking up patients at the hospital to know their name, condition, what's happening to them so I can post here?

Wow ... you really don't have a life do you.

For the rest of you with any kind of heart, offer John some prayers for an easy and peaceful end. He's only afraid now of it being a struggle to get done with this life, filled with fear and pain.

Thanks ...


Guru is so desperate he is taking the name and room number of a dying man and putting it out all over the net.Who knows what might happen, who might bother the man, that is the sickest thing I have ever saw a person do in my life!

I thought this "guru" person was sick and twisted because of his love of Dan Gaub and hate and anger towards the victims, but I have to say, this one takes the cake!



Guru, we are sick of hearing about this so called "friend of yours" and my guess is you looked up a name of someone, which there are many and put this name out to fool people.If you had a friend, which has been at the stage you currently claim yet again, you would have been spending your time with that person.

Instead, you have wasted your time pi-ssing in the face of all of these victims. You are done you say, right, that is #2958. I mean really, your word is less believable that the devil himself! As far as loser's, you are the biggest I know.

You have no right to come on this board and try to tell people how to deal with their problems. You pile of human waste. Making up stories about sick people. I do not buy it and that clearly is another lie.

Its easy to grab a name off a list. You most likely work part time as a nurses assistant cleaning up messes and found a name to toss out to look like you are being honest. IF you really wanted to do what was right, you would honor your word and come out of the closet and stand tall and proud and announce which one of the Gaubs or Gaubs friends you are. Most feel you are Sid and who knows, I do not personally care, but as always predicted you will be back!

There are people that lost everything as far as their funds, their retirement etc.

Because you are so in love with Dan and did not have a dime to invest with him so lost nothing, you think you are the wise guy and need to spread your...

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My friend is back in the hospital. Today he heard the news he was dreading. No more treatments for his cancer. He would not survive the side effects and next stop is hospice.

Memorial hospital, room 211, John Dorr.

He will likely be moved to hospice in the next few days, so if you happento know him, now is the time. He's still lucid but it is a daily check and see now.

To Spokane Man .... you didn't lose "everything". You're still on the internet. You are still healthy (as far as we know). You are still alive. Someone still loves you.

You lost some money. It happens every day. Winners pick themselves up, brush themselves off and vow to be smarter next time.

Losers..... act like you.

I'm done.


Court records checked and the amount of creditor claims rose dramatically today. An additional $3.9 Million dollars in claims have been added effective 09 12 2012. With December being the cut-off for claims, you wonder how high this amount will go.


You are something else!If anyone is a M oran, is you!

Go away you freak! We lost everything because of you Gaubs! Yes, you ALL are responsible! Dawndee too!

She never asked any questions for years. Knew last year Dan was broke! Knew he was going to kill himself! Now refuses to even say she is sorry for all of our pain and grief and you with their support spit in all of our faces for months!

I am sick of it!:(


Just checking, but according to what you just posted I should be able to rob people or a bank, take their money and spend it any way I want without consequences.I am thinking you can't be serious about the Gaubs spending stolen money, are you?

On another note if you are a legit broker you have a fiduciary responsibility to be wise and prudent with others money, meaning even if it is stolen or invested illegally or of questionable means under your watch the buck stops with you and you are responsible, read up on being a broker and all it entails before you post.So anyway you shape this it still goes back to wrong doing.


Hi its Guru, yes I am using a friends computer so its on a Spokane address as my last post was.

Sorry I got so angry with the last post calling you all hillbillies.Some of you are, but um, get real, the Gaubs can use and spend the money anyway they wanted.

If they enjoyed cars and boats that you all bought, so what.You all need to get life's, grow up!


Are you an i.diot?Yes.

You are. That wasn't Guru - it was some tool trying to elicit a response from some hick mor.on like yourself. Now go take your back woods, goat smellin' self back to the hovel you crawled out of.

I am STUNNED at the amount of mor.onic hillbillies that actually post here and had money to waste on this.Obviously some inheritances.


Dear Cheney, I totally agree that an apology was and is still in order, this is why I pointed out that the Madoff's had shown regret when all this came out. But as I also pointed out the Madoff sons KNEW that their dad had committed a crime and reported it. So they knew for sure what was going on.

Dawndee on the other hand is apparently still in her little happy bubble, believing Dan was a legend and all will be found out in time. I worry about her. I have decided not to visit her because I don't want to pop her bubble. I have a hard time keeping my opinions to myself--even if I keep my mouth shut, and I'm sure she would not be very appreciative of my opinion.

As far as them living on other people's money that is really bad, but what are they supposed to do about it? What happened in the past happened. I'm not at all saying nothing should be done in the future, because every avenue should be pursued in getting people's money back. And I believe the family is responsible to at least try to compensate for the wrong that's been done.

That being said, with the estate presumed insolvent by the courts chances are small they will be able to do much. Even if they sell their house and all their belongings it wouldn't be enough. Furthermore, I doubt the family's ability to earn enough money to pay "investors" back. So that is a really tough situation. Maybe you have some ideas on what they could do. I agree that a heartfelt apology is in order.


If it was all legit, why would you even have to "be close" to finding Clark and Terry? I mean really, use some sort of common sense here.


You sick Bast ard.You will never go away and its clear you will always defend people that will never accept any responsibility for what they did.

Dan's wife did push these so called investments of Dan's to a number of victims and not knowing you are committing a felony is not a defense.Not one drop of compassion or remorse has came from the lips of any of the family and never will.


You do bring up a good point, innocent until proven guilty, but with that said you also brought up a good point about "being apologetic" and that just has not happened, instead the family has shown no remorse or made any public statement as to his guilt, but rather defends this as not a crime when the evidence so clearly shows otherwise.Please remember that THEY did send out a letter (statement) saying he was innocent yet the burden is on them to show proof which they are not even close to be able in doing that he is innocent.

Please also remember that the ones you mentioned got to enjoy a life of excess whether they knew or not, so an apology is certainly in order. We should not need the F.B.I. as Christians to admit moral failure and do the right thing. Did they know????

The F.B.I.will rule, like it or not.


OK, so this is Guru. I am leaving this time

for good. All of you are so *** to invest

with Dan. Its you own fault you lost out!

Things went bad that is how it goes. Dan was

a good friend and still is to me and the rest

of the people that know and trust him. Jack

stole most of the money and files. This will

all be proved out later. The rest of the Gaubs

will never tell you squat and have not and

will not because you all do not deserve any

more info at this time. Jack broke in to the

house and stole the files. He is playing you

all. Ask him for your money. Poor Dan would

roll in his grave if he knew what Jack did

to all his money.

Dan was such a good person and friend to you

all and this is how you re-pay him. No wonder

the Gaubs refuse to give any more info. The

real victims are the Gaubs. Dawndee let you

all in on Dan's incredible investment. He

gets killed in a horrible unexpected accident

and you all have spit on the memory of a man

that was living legend! I have fought hard

here for my dear friends the Gaubs and to

let you know that Jack broke in and stole

the files and then the money. The proof is

all there. I have been told this by the Gaubs

and I know its true. They have never lied.

When the time is right they will show all...

people the proof! They are very close to

finding Clark and Terry both! Yep, that is

coming soon too!

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OK, so this is Guru. I am leaving this time

for good. All of you are so *** to invest

with Dan. Its you own fault you lost out!

Things went bad that is how it goes. Dan was

a good friend and still is to me and the rest

of the people that know and trust him. Jack

stole most of the money and files. This will

all be proved out later. The rest of the Gaubs

will never tell you squat and have not and

will not because you all do not deserve any

more info at this time. Jack broke in to the

house and stole the files. He is playing you

all. Ask him for your money. Poor Dan would

roll in his grave if he knew what Jack did

to all his money.

Dan was such a good person and friend to you

all and this is how you re-pay him. No wonder

the Gaubs refuse to give any more info. The

real victims are the Gaubs. Dawndee let you

all in on Dan's incredible investment. He

gets killed in a horrible unexpected accident

and you all have spit on the memory of a man

that was living legend! I have fought hard

here for my dear friends the Gaubs and to

let you know that Jack broke in and stole

the files and then the money. The proof is

all there. I have been told this by the Gaubs

and I know its true. They have never lied.

When the time is right they will show all...

people the proof! They are very close to

finding Clark and Terry both! Yep, that is

coming soon too!

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To those who are accusing Dawndee, Jourdan & Josh of knowing about the scam, I just want to point out that Bernie Madoff's wife and sons didn't know anything about the Ponzi scheme their husband/father was perpetrating. It seems likely that Ruth Madoff may have encouraged her friends to invest in her husband's business. My husband has a business and I encourage people to use his services. I don't think this would make me guilty of anything if he did something illegal of which I wasn't aware.

Bernie's son, Mark, committed suicide because of the pressure from people accusing him of knowing. In reality Mark and his brother were the one's who turned their father in as soon as they figured it out. But they only figured it out because they were working with the firm. Jourdan and Josh were not involved with the business as far as I know. I have no inside knowledge about that, but that is my impression.

The difference I see is that the Madoff family was very apologetic about what happened and they were not in denial about the truth.

So I would just like to caution those of you who can't believe the family didn't know. It is possible they did not. To continue to accuse them of knowing is not helpful--and is potentially harmful.

The fact that Dan committed suicide greatly increases the odds of his sons committing suicide. Any extra negative pressure only adds to the chances. You have to decide if you want to have this on your conscience...

I'm not trying to protect anyone, I just want to look at this situation honestly. We know Dan committed crimes. We don't know if his family did. Falsely accusing others won't help your pain. In time you will know the Truth, and the Truth will set you free.

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Guru, you are sick, you always obsess on peoples spelling and grammar. Folks have lost their life savings, to you the important matters are if they express themselves with proper spelling and grammar. Are you for real?


You some ways I wish I could be considered to be on that list.

It would mean I had been around during the past couple of years that things were going on.

Who knows what might have been different.

Other than that need to take a new class in how to be clever.


But I am gonna guess you are on "THE LIST". It must suck to be you. I keep trying to tell you when your inside the "Big House", don't drop the soap!


You both have no idea either.

So, no response needed to you.

Just be glad you're not on the list they ARE interested in.


You have such poor grammar and sentence construction I don't think there is anything else that needs to be said.

You're simply no longer worth responding to.


No, I do not want to use that word, but lets try this word, lying, "Guru is lying to everyone that will listen, but he can't fool the F.B.I.."


It is not true that if you are called you have "special" access to information, they DO NOT give info to ANYONE, period!!!!!!, end of story. Nice try though, but you are really looking foolish Mr Guru.


Guru/Sid, we know you have no life a broke loser that lies, manipulates and makes up stories so you can help push the Gaub PR machine.No one buys a word you say and its clear you use more than one place to make post.

Everyone sees that. As far as your "source", that would be a Gaub and again, no one buys it as Dawndee Gaub was heard and known to be telling people the FBI called her and TOLD HER they are not investigating her no more. It was CONFIRMED by TWO sources that the FBI confirmed that was news to them and were happy to say they have said no such thing. They are playing their cards CLOSE to the vest and frankly, they do not go around telling people they are not under investigation, especially people that are involved in the investigation.

Dawndee Gaub was promoting this scam along with Dan Gaub. Can you explain why as she was committed federal felony crimes each time she did this why she would just be told by the FBI she was now not under investigation? Would make no sense at all, yet that is what she is telling people. Do not bother to say, golly, she did not know she had to be licensed, had to give prospectuses, she simply did not know the gun was loaded, so if someone got killed, she gets to walk.

Sorry, that is not how it works! So, just have your fun you deceptive little twerp, you are just *** in the wind, it blows back in your face every-time.

You might think you are doing something, but it blows back in your face every-time...

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That's funny. It doesn't even make it to your simple mind that maybe there's two people (or more) that see some of you for what you are.

You just make it all worth it when you post, ya know?


Whatever.... it makes no difference at all as to what is going to come out of the FBI investigation.

The difference is.... calling the FBI and asking stuff will get you exactly what our junior achiever posters her put out. Nothing.

When the FBI calls YOU .... you get different access.

They didn't call me. However they did call my source. If I were on a certain short list, I would be concerned.

Hey. Wanna use forensic in a sentence again? Makes ya sound real smart if you do.


I see you are using your buddies computer. Guru is on Yakima sometimes then Spokane others when he is at his sick buddies house. Easy to figure out !!


Wow, you're a dam.ned Ret.ard.


Yes, Guru the GURUNATOR, thinks its his job to shred, tear up, crush any victims while actually attempting to convince us Jack stole the money and records.Amazing.

Like with the fact he offers no evidence to back Dan as a innocent man, no evidence is given Jack is the one that somehow stole the money and records. Now I am Jack Guru says. Where does this non-sense end? Guru go back to taking care of your life partner or whatever you claim this sick friend is and leave the victims alone.

I mean is it about a million promises you have made to do so and break them every single time.

You are just about as reliable as Dan was and now it makes sense why the two of you were such good buddies.Birds of a feather do flock together even after you know how much they crapped on everyone!


To me it's clear guru is a Gaub PR machIne.No one would allow such *** as it always hurts Gaubs.

This person claims to be such a friend of Gaubs so with all the hundreds of post so called guru makes they have to know who it is and I mean it is.

They approve of the post and the we do not care about the victims attitude it matches with all of the Gaubs actions.Guru is the PR arm of Gaubs twisted actions!!!!


This is Jack, I want to challenge you to put your money where your mouth is.I did not post the post about God, but I think it was great.

I have no idea who did. Second, I will take a lie detector test about it and if I can not pass it, you get a thousand dollars. If I pass it, you pay me a thousand dollars and for the cost of the test. I have grown sick of all of your lies, offers, post of some sick friend you have to leave and not come back because of, yet then you just keep coming back and harassing the victims which some of which call me and let me know.

We all get it how much you support the Gaubs and think we are all bad people, we get it. Is it not time for you to put your energy toward something else in life? Since I was not the one checking with the FBI about this again, some day I feel this could also be proven out. As has been suggested, I would be happy to debate you any day, the problem is, you will never take me up on it.

Its easier for you to just take shots at me anonymously like no one knows who you are or what you are about. I personally can not figure out how any one can be so cruel in their words and actions towards victims, but then again, whats new. As far as suggesting I stole records or money. Are you really going there?

That is something. Gaubs are not going to come out and be honest, now they want to try to suggest I took the money and records. I would be happy to walk with anyone into the FBI and let them question...

You might as well try to suggest my accomplish was big foot.

I called Nathan last night and spoke to him about that and he says he knows that is not true.SO, perhaps if Dan's brother does not buy it, says it can not be true, there is something to that.

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You know....calling the Lord into your post assumes The Lord even cares what you\'re writing or that I care you want to \"invoke\" God\'s name.Jack (I think you are doing a mighty poor job disguising yourself) ...

you also don\'t seem to be able get your head around how someone can get information without channels you understand.Yet you somehow think you can \"read into\" the FBI\'s brief response that a crime! as committed. But they didn\'t say that. How very psychic...

and thus very anti-christian of you.Face it.You suck at this.


I am not Jack,but I called F.B.I.and asked if ANYONE other than them is privy to any information on this investigation and I was told, I repeat it for you Guru, I WAS TOLD NO information is or was released by ANYONE in the F.B.I.

and was told that we would know when that is happening. I asked if a crime was committed and again the response was that information was coming. You could tell by the response I received that more likely than not a crime WAS committed, but they would not say anything more. So with that said Guru, I am now calling everything you have posted to account.

By lying you are not only lying to all of us, but if you are a Christian as you have said your are lying to our Lord instead of just doing the right thing. That is what this WHOLE THING is about from the VERY BEGINNING, Just do what is right before the Lord!!!!!! At this point it is looking like Dan did not do what is right before the Lord. It is only THING that really counts!!!!

Do you not get that???? It is bigger than the money!!!

God probably is still crying over this abomination, not over the loss of money, but the lose of direction from those that claim to know him.:cry


I said it is a short list...not Jack alone.

But it appears Jack is the prime suspect now.

Sorry Jack....

I mean Spokane.You have been found out.


Well, as always, Guru comes back, the man supposedly watching over his dying friend.Guru says only Jack would know such details from the bank.

Which means Guru knows something said about the bank is true. That is a serious insider for you, which means Guru really is one of the Gaubs. Every person from Yakima with Quest or Century Link that post shows Spokane. So that is a lot.

Your lesson about here and Hear must be for you Guru because here is what you said earlier "Get some new material Blah Blah Blah is all we here". Alaska made fun of you for using here instead of hear and you came back thinking I guess he needed the lesson. What a pathetic human you are. So you now claim Jack wants $2000.00 to recover our money?

Thats interesting, who did he ask this from? You also claim he took it? That is even more interesting. Do you want to clarify this?

Guru, you are a Gaub. Why would anyone who claims they just hung out at the house, be such a spokesperson? I mean the folks on here are victims of Dan's scam. You have always claimed you were a broke loser and had no money in.

Just a wanna be hopeful following Dan like a puppy, thinking the big man would one day teach you to be a somebody, like Brando hoping you could be a contender! You are a low life loser. Always have been, always will be. As far as me being Jack, well call him and ask if he made this post.

Everyone knows how to reach him. Anyone with balls know he can be called...

Will you do that, will you debate him, I note you refuse to answer those questions A SS HOLE!!:grin

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First ... yes, I'm Guru. Not Sid or Nathan or Jack for that matter.

But I am convinced that the posts from Spokane Man ... are Jack.

There's not many people who could know such intimate details of bank records and then spin those details to suit their own version.

Second, I did not say I heard anything directly from the FBI. The source is someone who IS in direct contact with the FBI however.

And it's "hear" not "here" if you want to reference something "heard" not "herd" or "hered" or whatever you want to call it.

I believe it's Jack posting all the Spokane posts here (not hear) and I see he would have a very clear agenda to want to keep everyone thinking "Golly! He uses words like forensic and sounds like someone is giving him the true manna from FBI! Wow Martha ... let's believe this nice man that wants $2000 from us to recover our money (that's never coming cuz he took it!) .. okay!?!"

Get real. There is another story coming... and it won't be pretty for you.


Spoke with F.B.I.and they are not releasing ANY INFORMATION to ANYONE including Gaubs and anyone else for that matter, so what ever you are hearing is not fact.

I suggest Guru that you stop all your spin until the F.B.I.

renders information.It will keep you from looking more foolish than you already are.


Blah blah is all you "here".Put the drugs down guru.

It's you posting for gaubs under different names.

Now you are passing on stories heard by people who supposedly heard from the FBI.Can you get any more desperate ?


Talk about crazy ideas.The big problem with it, is those pesky banking records.

The ones that show money in from new investors, money out to old ones. Thats it, no other records, investments, wires overseas, you can not fabricate that. Then the fact only 10K left in the account if you do not count the 50K that came in last minute and was sent back after his death. That is the only money.

There has never been any other records and forensic accounting shows that. If there was money being moved, wired out by an "opportunist" do you not think that would show.

Second, Dan was broke and if he had hundreds of millions that only disappeared after his death by the "opportunist" who stole it, would he not have paid people who were screaming for their money?Gosh Guru, put the glue down.


Get some new material. Blah Blah Blah is all we here. Still trying to call me Sid ... still running the same nonsense.

Still thinking you know what others know. Are you the Amazing Kreskin? Then at least get the identity right.

You post nothing more than what has been put here ... are you actually Jack posting under different aliases? As we see... they all come from "Spokane".

Yes, a certain picture is being painted. And it's not by me.

One more time .... it's not MY STORY.

I'm simply repeating what I was told last week and my guess? There's some seriously surprising turns of events coming now.

Get a grip Zillah (Jack) Man.


To Guru.Jack is trying to paint a picture?

That is rich. You are trying to tell people Dan was in some accident, that he had hundreds of millions. You and Nathan have ran around telling people that Jack stole the files. Who is trying to paint what picture!?!

Jack was one of the very first to sound the warning about Dan. Just as predicted, Dan was under great cloud of suspension and a Federal Judge agreed beyond a reasonable doubt he was guilty, which is the burden for this kind of matter and ordered the items he bought with stolen money seized and all his records. You claim no one knows what you know, yes we all do, you keep telling us because you saw a Mickey Mouse sheet with numbers on it, that it must be true. No one has ever been able to show where Clark or Terry is.

That is clue one. Would you agree with me here, if Clark and Terry do not exist, then its a scam. Lets start there. Do you agree with that much or are you so S T U P I D that you think Jack made them disappear too?

Blame Jack all you want, he is the only guy that put his number and name on here and has addressed and discussed with anyone that wanted to call him his side and position and what he knew. You have never been willing to do that even after promising you would. You have never stayed off board after promising you would. You are the PR department for the Gaubs because you live with them and eat with them and work with them.

One thing you have never came...

If not, then spreading all of this hearsay is typical GURU filled ***! I will believe someone that is willing to put their number out there and at least sit down and talk to anyone anytime, any place any day of the week over a low life *** bag like you! I mean can you imagine any deal ran like you are running you Gaub PR campaign. A political campaign for example.

One candidate is willing to talk, show exhibits about their position, answer questions, one will not even tell you their name or show proof of anything. Who do you think most people would believe? I mean you are such a cleaver all knowing guy, would you be willing to debate Jack? I would love to see those debates.

I think we all know the answer to that question. Easy to creep around his yard and take pop shots, its another to grow some balls and be willing to meet head on and discuss the issues. I know for a fact Jack would and I know this because I asked him. I can set this up for you?

Again, I bet money you would never have the balls!:grin

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First... you clearly have some weird sexual fetish that you have been asked by several posters now to put a lid on.

Second... you know nothing for a "fact" based on the blah blah blah you put out here. You have not a clue what I know and have seen.

Third... as I said. This isn't my story. It was news to me too.

But based on stuff you claim to know.... I would be watching my back.

Food for thought people... Spokane poster (probably Jack) has gone to huge lengths to paint a picture for us.

Wonder why.....


Give me a break, the FBI is not telling you anything, that I know for a fact.Second, other people know what Dan was doing besides the FBI.

Third, Guru/Sid you seem to think because you saw some screens with numbers, print outs of hundreds of millions in stocks, it was real. Is not. You and Nathan and others are trying to convince people someone like this ferry tale Clark and or Terry stole the money, or who knows, but no one is buying it. These people were as fake as you and the money.

If the money was there, lets face it, from last year, people SCREAMING for their money would have GOT IT!! GOT IT!?!? He was broke since last year. Again Guru/Sid just because you think Dan was your lover and he would never betray you does not mean he did not.

Get over, you may have had no money to lose and were hoping one day to have gained knowledge from the master *** man to make some, but you were conned in other ways. No one is going to tell you how they know what they know. All the experts and first responders say Dan killed himself and ALL 100% of the facts and evidence supports that.

Stop trying to play the victims just because Dan was good at it.You are not!


Hey Anchorage ... you still sniffing that high altitude gas?

How would you know what Dan actually had or not?

I personally was at his house, looking at his computers and spent over 2 years there during the time I was trading myself.

The FBI seems to disagree with ... uhhhh ... YOU.

And they seriously want to know now, some new answers. There is a very short list of people who were close to Dan, the situation, the OFFICE and computers and files during the last months ... up to the very DAY Dan died and the FBI has taken interest in them.

Why? Because ... maybe ... the money you think never existed ... did.

And there isn't any way there is that much money in "stuff" (assets, toys, real estate) and there wasn't that much paid OUT (to victims, right?) and ... so WHY would a guy have all this money hidden and THEN kill himself?

What if .... Dan's death was in fact an accident and someone who otherwise wouldn't even have given a thought to it ... suddenly has a very short window of opportunity --- with access, means, knowledge, to move money and then claim ... DAN SCAMMED ME!

Throw suspicion off of themselves and make it appear ... like what you've all been told here.

Don't bother screaming at me ... this isn't MY story. It was totally new news to me.

But makes a pot full of sense.


Jack is a D-BAG!!!!!


Dan fix not have 200 milliIon.He never did.

The was part of the scam you stinking ***!!!!B



My post isn't about Dan losing the money.

My post is about a first hand (as in their mouth to my ears) conversation that the short version goes like this:

"There was over $200 million before ... zero after Dan's death. There isn't $200 million in STUFF laying around to account for it. If Dan was going to steal the money ... why would he make it vanish and then kill himself. Even *** crooks are smarter than that. Therefore, we (the FBI) are going to stop looking at DAN and start looking at a very short list of people who had access to Dan's house, his files, his computers, his money."

The English doesn't get any plainer. Get a 5 year old to explain it if you still are unclear.


You are back again. What part of money went into chase bank from new investors and checks were paid to old investors do you not get? There was no investments He did not lose it from bad investments!!!



What ponzi scheme master mind cons people into their plan, pays out more than they took in, steals the rest by moving the loot off shore and then instead of moving to where the money is.,,, kills the self instead?

If Dan stole the money instead of losing it.... why wouldn't he move to the money or put it where he could still access it instead of killing himself claiming to be broke?

Something doesn't ring true... and I have just learned the FBI agrees.

They are still investigating, yes.

But not on Dan any longer. They are investigating someone who was close to the situation with time, access and opportunity.

Just an update I learned yesterday.


Nathan has claimed he made over a million dollars from Dan's training secrets.YET, his tax returns will not show it, nor will he show proof of it.

Second, he will not show his trading records. None of the "millionaires" will come forward Dan supposedly trained and showed how to make millions.

This is all a farce and it makes me want to vomit thinking that Dan swindled so many people, now his brother takes the torch and is going to keep taking peoples money to do the same kind of training *** that lost so many people so much money in the past.YES, I am aware that one of the scams was different from the other scam, but they BOTH were scams!


seems creepyslimy to me. I wouldn't let him rock sit for me. Does he or anybody else have to show any proof that they had a dime with Dan?


The only problem to what you are saying is the Westboro Baptist attacked Innocent people.This is an epic crime (yes a crime has been committed) and all the family has to do to stop all this negative comments is to acknowledge before the F.B.I.

does that Dan committed this crime, instead they attack the victims, so I say you don't like what you read...STAY OFF THE BOARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GET IT!!!!!!!!I am sick of all you Gaub defnders and weak minded people who can't get it around your brain that Dan stole the money,not lost it trading!!!!!


The Gaubs through representatives like Guru/Sid White have poked sticks in the eyes of the victims.Guru claimed many times it was his "mission" he "enjoyed" hurting victims and basically got off on it.

They as a group have expressed no concern while trying to make it appear they are victims. Ken Gaub for example has made a claim now on the estate while knowing it has no value whatsoever. That is very curious and makes no sense at all. He told witnesses that he lost 100K of ministry money.

Nathan then said he Dad lost his own money. Maybe they are one in the same to the family. Whatever the case, Nathan also claims he lost money while never showing anyone proof he had a dime with his brother. Sid and Sarah White, along with Nathan Gaub got hundreds of thousands of Dollars from Dans scam.

Dan was able to convince people to give him millions for "training" from a man that did not know his A S S from a hole in the ground. This "training", if you want to call it that, caused victims to lose a lot more money. Gaubs all profited handsomely as victims lined up like sheep to the slaughter to hand Dan their money. They were impressed with all of the goodies Dan had acquired.

Thinking this was from successfully trading, they paid to learn. Little did they know it was goodies bought from money he was stealing from people. The whole thing on both sides of the table from the so called robots, to Clark investments to FX training, all scams and now...

How shameful and sad!:cry

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I do not comment here very often but I find the type of people who taunt the victims of Dan Gaub and quite possibly other members of his family are deplorable. They remind me of members of the Westboro Baptist Church who show up at the funerals of fallen military men and women to taunt the members of their greiving families. That is a form of evil that defies description.


*** is gaye


now that he may or may not be gone please refrain from 're tarded', homo, ***, any reference to the 'M' word, male por-n, any innuendo with anybody and Dan…these kinds of things.


If I had a nickel for each time the ole Gaub supporter, defender, lover of Dan Gaub gives us his word he is leaving, we all would have our money back and a surplus!Talk about fixing the deficit!

OK, so "guru" tosses out the "male friend" dying story again to try to make him look human. I do not buy it. Now he is a big business man and has the busy time of the year coming. I thought selling *** *** did well for you every month "guru".

Why is now the best time of the year, lol, come on! I think everyone knows you for the liar you are. You will be back with more of your *** soon. You can not control yourself or desires to defend Dan.

This final one took the cake. Your hero Dan now shot his body full speed down the road at a semi-truck he carefully picked out, attempting to purposely hit the side of it so he could try to remember "safety first" when one is going to kill themselves for being a thieving, lying cheating *** bag. RIGHT! The fact the driver drove off the road, endangering himself attempting to avoid having Dan hit the front of him, where he would have went through the windshield killing the driver never accrued to you right Guru?

Maybe that anywhere he hit at that speed could have flipped him into another vehicle and killed a mother with her children. You of course want to make it a cute bed time story of your hero Dan driving on purpose into the side of the semi. Just trying to make sure no one else got hurt. Are you for...

Oh man, put the bath salt down and leave that glue bottle alone! You are getting delusion and now picture yourself as the hero, trying to comfort a imaginary sick friend who you will carefully try to hit softly now over the head or crimp his air hose to save him from pain. What story of *** and garbage you going to try to feed people next?! We do not buy a word of it A S S HOLE!

Good bye for however long you keep your word this time. I mean do you hear yourself!?! How R E T A R D ED you sound!?!

PLEASE STAY OFF THE BOARD AND stop all the stories of imaginary friends and happenings you have learned to tell from your lover Dan, OK!?!:(

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This is a cut and paste of what you said a dozen times before You will be back. You sad story of your boy friend we do not buy either. You are the ones that deserves to be the broke loser you are.


Guru wants to try to convince people Dan was trying to be careful not to hurt anyone when he drove his motorcycle full speed at a semi truck so crazy the driver drove off road losing his load.This the only reason he did not hit the front.

He had already made dawndee and Sarah aware he was going to kill himself!

The coward did not give a *** who else he took out and guru you can praise his efforts to not hit the front because of his care for the driver and no one buys a word of it.Dan cared about Dan and not another soul!


Watch ... those of you reading this board, and see.

Look how easy it is to take little minds and make them wander off topic.

This board hasn't been about Dan for ages.

It is all about ME. And now, I'm sorry to say (not really) life has moved on and I'm no longer going to have the time, interest or desire to keep making it about ME.

My friend with cancer (you've seen me post about him before) has hit the point of "no return" with the doctors offering him to either go Hospice or try one last round of chemo IF he can pass the physical condition test to see if he'd even survive it.

My business is entering its very busy season starting after Labor Day.

And frankly, the perverted c rap a couple of folks here post is just too disgusting to even want to follow.

I mean really ... call me a ***, tell me I'm self centered (I know that), but all this sexual stuff? Wow ... says a lot about the poster, nothing about the person written about and they haven't figured it out.

So ... watch how long they talk about me "breaking my word" (give me a break, why would anyone's "word" mean s hit here anyway) and all the other nonsense. Ugggh.

I have come to the conclusion I'll just watch the Yakima Herald for any real news on Dan from here.

Bye ... someone else can take up the cause from here.

Stick it up your a ss and spin, Spokane, Zillah and Alaska. You truly did deserve what you lost and until you...

(me smirking in satisfaction)

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Get it right was the rear drive wheels and the trailer Dan hit.

He didn't want to put the driver at risk by hitting the front of the truck.

What's with all the jacking off references though?You frustrated or something?


Guru aka Sid White, the 59 year old Cockroach that now on top of it all thinks he is a bad ***.The little coward that will not have the balls to honor his word ever and breaks every promise he ever made on this board.

Yes, I can see him in my mind, a guy looking about like Hillery Clinton, with balls hanging down to your knees, an adult diaper in position because you *** your pants all the time from fear, sitting at his lap top, sticky from all the *** sites he is surfing all day long as he post insults to all those that lost money.Yes, you scare us all you pathetic little turd.


Guru, its clear as you sit around jerking your noodle that you enjoy kicking sand in peoples faces.It gets you off and you and a wimp.

A little coward that likes to make offers, promises and commitments then when people act on it, you are just the little boy crying wolf. You roll around laughing that people trusted you. You are just another Dan, one who felt if people were *** enough to trust him, he was owed and took the money. You idolized him and like Nathan Gaub and the rest of the gang you have all lied and lied through their teeth, you most likely are with them starting another group to scam people.

This will all be stopped from what I hear.While they may think they got away with it, it all catches up with them just like your hero Dan became a fly smashed all over the fender of a semi.


You are welcome to join Spokane Man in the personal meeting he's working up the nerve to set up.

Otherwise, grow brain and come up with some different lines to use. You're boring now.

And from your posts ... you clearly had it coming to lose whatever you lost.

You come across as slow, lazy, feeling like you're "owed" ... your loss was the best education you could have gotten.


You\'re a year older than I am.But unless you weigh 1,300 lbs, have balls the size of lemons and an attitude driven by those balls, you are way under prepared in a confrontation with me.

Along with the rest of my background (the horses are just the last 25 years), you\'d want to plan for tranportation.

No brag.Just facts.


Guru, your words are as hollow as your head.You talk and act like you lost something half the time then brag about how you lost nothing and Dan taught you to be all you are today.

That part I do buy. You are just like him, a lying slimy slug!

You sit here talking about loss and how we all need to move on and you are not a victim, you are one of the victimizers!You little S H I T!


Too bad. You have it coming.

60 going on 10? Just hitting puberty?

Good luck with that.


When the F.B.I.

tells me to move on, then and only then I will. Why don't you tell me to move on to my face tough luck, I will gladly meet you anywhere, anytime and I will GUARANTEE before you get two words out of your mouth you will be picking up your teeth off the ground, I am 60 years old punk and don't have anything to lose by sending you to the dentist. If I have lost my money to crook(s) then I want to see justice. I and the hundreds of others you m o r o n did not give our money to Dan to steal.

If he really made bad trades then he kept doing it over and over because people gave him money on a weekly and monthly basis so the argument that he lost it in trades does not hold water.

My money and several others was put in more recent than your theory.He had a ponzi scheme going period!


with his low, base, childish comments as if from the mind of an eleven year old.


Hey ... if you've been following the posts, not just by me, but other well spoken folks here, you realize, we know people were taken and lost money.

Our "beef" comes with two areas that have been put out there.

1. "Lost EVERYTHING" ... really? If that is the case, really the case, then shame on the victim as much as the victimizer. No one that has any common sense and who wasn't trying to take the lazy way out, puts ALL their money to a point of losing EVERYTHING THEY OWN, in the hands of one person who claims to make them rich. There is something wrong with that picture and it's not just the scammer.

2. Moving on.... isn't it time? Life happens. Sh it Happens. Loss happens. And we move on.

Then there is the few posters who have something terribly wrong with their psyche. They are obsessed with gays. I've never seen anything like it. Those guys need to have signs posted ... "Sexual Preditor" and "sick minded sicko" tattooed on their foreheads.

I openly admit to a few "Man Crushes" on guys I really really admired, wanted to emulate, and I have *** friends.

The context (look it up Spokane Man) they put their comments in, just make them look bad.

Moving on .... the money is gone. Get over it.


I have not been on the board before, but I have had two family members and one friend taken bad by Dan and his unethical family. To listen to this piece of *** dog on the victims. Its just too much.


I love it guru."it's your first experience on boards like this'.

Well guru you clearly troll g a y boards to find lovers on and that is probably where you met your lover Dan. No I do not have all that experience on boards. As far as meeting sure guru. You have pulled that one before then backed out.

Everyone has your number. A liar and conan like Dan and his family. We do not bring anything useful as if you are some treasure trove of information. You are a broke loser that spends his time praising Dan and his family while slamming the victims until you embarrass yourself then promise you will not return each week.

Then as you leave your trail of slime behind you that everyone can see from a mile away you try to sneak on the board as if we can not smell your stench from a mile away!What a joke you are!


Spokane & Zillah and Alaska ... you once again prove our case. Nothing of value comes from your posts. You are degenerates. It is clear this is your first experience with a boord like this.

But I will say this. If we ever do meet in person and know who each other is (reflecting back on this board) it will be an experience you won't soon forget.


As for taking each other to court. Yes, my wife did work in a law office until we no longer needed her to have outside income which was over 20 years ago. And yes, I do have attornies on retainer. And no, neither you nor I could just make up reasons to drag each other into court and have it "stick" ... it would be tossed out as nuisance suits and we'd likely run the risk of being fined for doing that.

So disappointing, I know.

Let's meet someday in person, instead.


I have a little clue for this so called John Stevenson.Spokane comes up from all in Yakima County that use local phone service high speed.

You are too out of your mind to get that and spend your time dumping on Spokane when no one on this board recently, is likely from there. This is Guru's idea of Class? Most likely because his new friend is now playing with his A SS. I agree, Guru and his friends are all a bunch of homo's.

Guru and John, go get a room!

You two deserve each other and clearly are so busy slamming the victims and greasing up each other butts you can not think straight!:upset


You have popped your ugly head out of your rodent hole and broke your firm promise and commitment you would not yet again come back on the board.Whats new, Guru/Sid keep a promise, not going to happen.

You announce its you, like we are all shocked and surprised. We all knew it was you, you were just too ashamed to admit it before. Then one of your *** friends pops up and your little seseme sized balls grow to the size of sun flower seeds and you decide to come out of your rodent hole again and *** in victims faces. Your "New friend" is your idea of a voice of reason, saying people deserved to get ripped off and you agree with that.

Now you know why with the other long list of reasons people KNOW you are a pile of human waste. He calls Spokane the white trash capital of Washington. What low life *** bags the two of you are. As with everything you two freaks do, you lump everyone into a category.

Everyone is Spokane is white trash. Your idea of "class" is this low life. At least we know more about what kind of T.urd you are Guru. A man no one can trust, that brags he made money from Dan's teachings.

I say B U L L S H I T on that. You are no trader and Dan was causing everyone he taught to lose money because he did not know what he was doing. Now you claim your "wife used to work for lawyers and I have lawyers on retainer". Give me a break!

You have lawyers on retainer. Just like Dan did, do you pay yours two million a year too? Does...

It captures all the IP info from each poster. The dots are getting connected from all the post you have made and soon, you will be outed. Maybe not on this board, but your worthless A S S will be brought to a accountability. Oh you think you are having fun *** in the victims faces while agreeing with your new special *** friend that people deserved to be ripped off.

After all your big special man who has "class" is in your dreams now. What happened, you run out of those ashes of Dan's to play with and you need someone new to come over and play with you? You sick freak.

You are not human, you compassionate disgusting low life *** bag.One day you will meet up with the victims you crapped all over, that day will happen!

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By your definition of what it takes to sue, just because you are too messed up for even medication to help, therefore you irritate people just by breathing, I can sue you too, just because.

Here is the funny part. My wife (my real wife who isn't Sarah) used to work in a law firm and I actually do have attorneys on retainer anyway, so you know ...? Sueing your sorry a ss does have a certain appeal.

You're on to something there sport!


I hope a s s holes like you are involved and I will sue you for your money, after all if I play by your rules I really don't need a reason to drag you into court, just the mere fact you claim to have knowledge about Dan is all I need to bring suit and even if I loose you still have to spend time and money to defend yourself (which by the way I have both) so as soon I as can really identify you that sounds like a plan. Since you think this is a game, lets play a s s hole.


Yup ... Guru here. And I see John as another voice of reason, common sense and class.

We both get what you don't, Spokane.

There was forex trading, Klemmer, a Foundation, Investments and all were separate choices, different entities and different choices.

People who traded, traded. If they won (I was one of them) they made money. Lost on a trade, lost money. But it has nothing at all to do with the "scam" Dan purportedly put forth (and still haven't seen an actual final decree on by the way).

The FBI has no issues with the trading. They had the chance to shut down GaubFX and after a 45 minute interview with the other owner of GaubFX chose to let it go on, as it has ... read my lips ... no connection to any scam.

But again as my new found friend here has said, you don't have the capacity to get out of your own way and engage the mental prowess to "get it".

Onward ... it only gets better from here.

Oh yes ... "the money is gone" -- what to do now?


You two gays do not get it.There was no investment.

It was a scam. Dan used his dad and stone church Klemmer and other vehicles to scam people with dawndee Sid and Sarah white Nathan and others. What a bunch of low life *** friends of guru that have no Concern or compassion for victims.

As you do your circle *** remember no one gives a s.hit about what you think!


Again showing your intelligence, but I will give you a pass because you are from Spokane.That would be a person who wrote that, no matter if it is the "Guru", and you are making stuff up again.

Now Dan was putting people's life in danger!? Is he controlling people with his mind and doing jedi tricks? Is his ghost pick pocketing your family?

Do you have enough money to supply the gas because I thought you lost it all?I wasn't Dan's buddy either I just trade forex and knew of him, but I love reading about poor losers like yourself who want to take the fast track to getting rich and failing.


It is not someone who agrees with you, it's

Guru the loser!! I know, why don't both of you

get on a motorcycle and drive into a brick

wall, that way unlike your buddy Dan you won't

jeopardize anyone else's life. I will supply

the gas and help you find the brick wall, you

supply the motorcycle. Have fun John


Old Spokane the white trash capital of the state, it doesn't surprise me that you would respond.I think somebody just wrote on here that cares what I said.

Nobody responds to you because you have no credibility and everything you talk about is either hearsay or s.h.i.t you make you up.

Was there pun intended on your little motorcycle comment?Come on man get a life, unless you lost it all in one investment.


Now ... thankfully another voice of reason.

I personally do care that at least one other person here gets it that if you give money to a "friend" or an institution that calls it an investmnet ... either way ... you are taking on RISK OF LOSS.

Good for you for speaking up.

Yes, we all would like to hit that home run. But when we take our shot, if we lose ... you better have been smart enough to not have given ALL THAT YOU HAD TO YOUR NAME (now that's st upid) to risk.

I know you and I aren't alone in that thinking. The rest have simply moved on already and left the brainless in charge here.


Hey John,

Nobody here cares what your punk a.s.s.thinks.

I got an idea, get on a motorcycle and find a cliff and go for it.You won't be missed by any one here.


Yes, I believe it is.I believe Ken is involved and the F.B.I.

will prove it. Nice try Ken, why such a small amount, according to Nathan you had lots of money invested. Whats wrong Ken, couldn't trust your own son! I thought according to you (you told me many times how smart Dan was with money).

Don't worry , I shared that with F.B.I.

also.From your mouth to my ears.


Anybody who was *** enough to give money deserves to be ripped off.Any person who thinks you can give your money to somebody and they will make you rich is *** as f***!!!

It is an investment and investments come with risks, obviously none of the "victims" or retards who gave out their money are smart investors or this would not have happened.

There are millions of ways to make money and to give it somebody else to make you rich is just lazy and you can't complain about ***.Just a bunch of lazy *** entitled Americans who has f**cked up this country little by little.


The only person that looks bad is you.You rolled out the put a phone number out there before and like the slimy coward and dispicable liar you are you refused to honor your word with a bunch of the most lame excuses you could.

You are so embarrassed from all of your lies you do not come out with the *** name guru anymore.

What a joke you are!!you are explaing to us all why ken did what he did and wonder why we all know you are in the Gaub camp!!


Liar, liar, liar.

You said YOU have this close friend that gave you a copy of the death certificate, but you want me to go through 3rd parties? Liar.

Again you try and dodge a simple act ... post your phone # and I will call you. But you have excuses ... "you won't live up to your word." --- you are nothing more than a joke.

Ken Gaub would file a claim ONLY because he put in the money ... lost it ... and this is how he can write it off without question, as part of a claim against the estate that is proven bankrupt. Dan got his dad too with this deal it seems.

Don't make excuses for not posting your phone number. A simple "I'm not going to because I'm afraid." will do. The rest just makes you look bad.


Yes, something does not add up.Ken of all people knows the estate has not a dime to it!

Putting in a claim, like what is going to happen? This is in the hands of the feds, not a local estate Yakima County Superior Court issue. Come on!



Ken is making a claim against the estate?Makes no sense.

Ken Claims Dan is walking the streets of Gold and all that made claims against him were to be proved out wrong.STRANGE indeed!


I checked the court records today and see that yesterday Ken Gaub filed a $40,000 creditor's claim against the estate of his son. I wonder if this is a red herring to get suspicion off him as being possibly part of this criminal enterprise?


Its sad, you are back to post your number again, nice try, you did that one time before and as with everything out of your mouth it was a lie.Now its I will call you, sure.

You can have another one of your g.ay friends call and you coach them what to say. Go play with Dan's ashes OK, you are so in love with the man. You want details on Dan's death, I know someone that has a copy of that death certificate for you, contact them at Identity yourself and they will give you a copy of it right away. Plus anything else you want to know.

Another source is contacting, ask them for a copy, they might give you one.From what I am hearing, soon, a major article with a lot of details is coming out on Dan and his life and scams.


Come on ... you can do better than that. I just said, don't try and pull the "I won't call cuz you will ..." act.

A 5th Grader has more imagination.

So tell you what. Post your phone number and I will call YOU.

I will block my number, cuz I'm NOT Sid. But by the time I'md done with you on the phone, you will have no question at all that I'm not Sid. Even if you've never spoken to Sid in the past (so you'd know the voice), I'll leave no question in your pre-grade schooler mind that I'm really not Sid.

Not that it actually matters, you do provide a ton of amusement with your ways here, but at least you'd be able to say I did call and I'm reallyyyyyy not Sid.

Other than that ... your childish manners and lack of anything better to say why you won't call "me" if you really think I'm Sid ... says it all.

Just like you're refusal to post the actual resport you say you have on Dan's death. And any real info ... you simply lie to make yourself feel big.

Lies ... no imagination ... a suck-*** parent (feeling sorry for any children you have or have been around) --- what's left?

Take that path Dan took ... but spare the motorcycle.


Right, this will prove you are not the one?Why?

Because you will act *** and pretend to have no idea what is going on? You have that act down with Dan in the past. You, your wife, Dawndee, Nathan, you all have the "I am *** and know nothing" game down, so what a flipping waste of time that is! Give me a break!

You all are a bunch of crooks, liars, cheats, thieves, and now are back to promoting another FX scam program.How is that going for you all?


You are so convinced I'm Sid ... call me.

No excuses ... no "oh you'll just play dumb and deny it." --- show us what a big man you are and dial my number.

I'd love to visit you big bad man you.

I can just feel your words on my ears ... and I'd love to put Sarah on the phone with you too. She's all for it .. right?

Come on big boy .. you can do it. Dial. Now.

We are both waiting for you.


You are no concern at all.


Of course you have no clue about his affairs, your wife did not want you to know.Be careful who you threaten little boy.

Not a smart idea!!Talk about a waste.


You could also be a mop in the same room with me as well.

I have no knowledge of Dan and any affairs he may have had.If he did....

oh well.Just one more sign he was more human than most of us thought.

But you are simply worthless as a human being.


Wow.... you are one lost puppy.

You have no idea who I am, how old I am and I've never gone to church or eaten with you.

For the record though, In knew Dan from his early days just starting with Market America.

You really need a new story.

And if I did meet you in person, I am the guy could mop the floor with you.


to you because you are really a scared little puppy whose wife cheated on you with your mentor.And while we are on it, you give yourself away Sid because I knew Dan way longer than you ever did and your the only one who considers him a mentor.

I and others just considered him a friend. I am much older than Dan and knew him long before you were ever born.

You know me from going to church, we have even shared a meal or two and I know you have something to do with this.Just remember, you can cheat man, but not God.


You are wasting your time.You are a liar and cheat!!

Call yourself guru.One who has a track record worse than Dan for honesty.


Spokanites ...those that have the same old story ...

blahhhh blahhhh're just a waste of cyber space any more.


Look, you have been outed, so be a man if you have the balls.You and your wife are involved because as the poster before me said you were paid money to be Dan's gophers.

I personally walked in on Dan and your wife and surprised them, Dawndee was not home. They were not giving each other holy kisses if you know what I mean. It was an awkward moment to say the least. They were surprised to see me and I am sure worried I would tell you and Dawndee.

I had a feeling it was going on for a while....don't worry I tried to pretend I did not see that, that info has been shared with F.B.I.. As for arrests, the poster is again correct, investigations take time, after all Dan was doing this for years, so you can not expect the F.B.I. to build a case in a few months. They want to make sure the charges will stick and to their credit they are not interested in hurting innocent people, but only those sounds like you, Nathan, Dawndee and Sarah!

Dawndee had to know, heck you knew when my money was taken that they were broke. As for whining, the poster is right again, we are hurt and betrayed by someone we considered a friend and this is the only place we can vent, right or wrong. Most are so devastated they don't know what to say. Many are losing everything they worked for all because of a mans greed.

Please stop saying Dan lost it to bad trades. We have yet to see ANY evidence that he even did and as for records, good business people...

is smarter than you and they will uncover the ugly truth.If you really are not involved than butt out of this, as you have NO BUSINESS HERE, but if you are involved than please stay and keep providing more info.

Every time you proclaim Dan's innocence you expose yourself more and if you admit Dan's a crook, then you would have to admit he is a criminal.Remember Sid, at the very least a bunch of us will sue you until you have nothing and then the playing field would be level at the worst you and Sarah could loose your kids and all you worked for and wind up in federal prison.....I would be scared too.

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I wondered if that was the case, yet decided to call you out anyway. You got me.

I claim no gender on this board.

Your use of hyphenation adds to your effortless intellect.


Guru and his closet buddies always obsess on if a word is misspelled.I know Guru will be outed from his closet and the joy he has got as he claims from irritating victims will one day come out and he will be the one getting B.I.T.C.H slapped around.

People lost a trusted mentor you claim. They lost a pile of human waste that is the lowest form of pond *** there is. You are a two bit loser Sid White and your wife too. Never invested anything and got paid thousands each month for nothing!

You all are a bunch of rip offs that along with Dawndee Gaub who solicited her own friends and ripped them off so she could enjoy the high life off the backs of others. They put out these week piles of lies about needing this much time to find a lawyer and here is a form to fill out, AS IF that is going to do any good. They refuse to admit Dan was a thief, cheat, liar and those were his good qualities. I will not get into the bad ones.

This is all fresh Hole! FRESH in a lot of peoples minds. In the middle of a lot of stuff. I know the Gaubs, through you Sid White and other Dan Gaub friends want it all to go away!!

Calling the victims, that spend a LIFE TIME working and saving and scrimping, skipping vacations so that they and their children and grandchildren could have a better life "whiners". Then your butt buddy Dan ripped it all off and Dawndee knew what was going on! She knew they were broke last year! Dan was still taking in money from...

Think about it wise guy, if Dan could not get the money out on this incredible investment last year and Dawndee knew it, then he keep taking in money for this incredible investment he could not get any money out from "overseas" then she is guilty as he is!! Why keep taking in money. Well, its because he was able to rip a few more people off so he could act like he got some money in from overseas and give it out to some old investors. That is what was going on.

You are ever bit as bad as Dan in my mind, one that keeps making up lies, promises, commitments. You break everyone of them and hope people will see you as some kind of blogging hero!

You are to S.tupid to get the fact a lot of victims have explained this to the FBI. That Dawndee was breaking the law, committing felony crimes.

Why do you think she could tell people to give her husband money and not be licensed, which is a felony and have no liability at all. It does not take a rocket scientist to understand she was no investment adviser and was not licensed to tell anyone about any unlicensed investment scams her husband was pushing that she directly benefited from. As a case is built and all the records, which take time to go over are gone over, they like many others in investigations like this get arrested after a few years go by. They have all the time in the world to build a case.

This is not McDonald s you J.erk and you can not get your nuggets as soon as you want them with your toy Sid! You are pathetic! Just like people saying Dans place would get raided, that took a while. holes like you mocked and mocked it, then it happened.

All the toys are gone, records taken. You spend your time looking for comas and words misspelled as you sit home jerking off to Dans photos or playing with his ashes! You clearly are Sid White, a man with nothing to do living at the Gaubs house because your wife screwed Dan while he was screwing all of us and now you get the right to spit in our faces. As far as a pity party, ***!

There are people that may not know of this board, there are people that have no idea what to do or where to go.

They have no money for lawyers and can not come over to your house and B.itch slap people like you around.Go screw yourself, Dan is not around any more to do it for you.

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is apparently lost on you Mr.Bellingham.

You're obviously not my intended audience.

Time to re-enroll.


I agree that it makes people seem silly when typos/lackofEnglishskills are evident.What category does "two, to and two" fall in?

Assuredly you intended the last "two" to be a "too"."Me bad" if I'm wrong.


First ...anyone du mb enough to give their real phone, name, address on an open and unsecure forum like this, would need to be put in a padded room.

Come on. Second .. I think you are simply lieing about knowing anything at all of any truth or substance, and will use any dodge you can.That\'s okay. You have an ego that needs propping up, so have at it on this board.I come here pretty blatantly picking on everyone.

I don\'t for a minute minimalize the loss people have suffered... in fact some of those claims are from people that live right here in Yakima that I know and have done business with myself.But you know what? They haven\'t been here milking the whining and pity party like a few of you have.They lost a friend, trusted mentor AND their money AND a degree of faith in mankind and .... but sooner or later the whining stops.

We\'re all entitled to a bit of it.But when the likes of you and a couple others come on with your over-the-top bu ll sh it c rap and lie after lie after lie about what you know, the dodging you do to keep from answering questions .. cuz you don\'t have the info in the first place and are just building your ego cuz you know you don\'t have any accountability ... you don\'t even rate being good breeding stock for human procreation.So with that ... have a good life in your own lies and fantasy world.You have nothing left to contribute.I DO take a certain amount of personal satisfaction in irritating you and those like you to...

lie some more.You have nothing to share and now we all know it.

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Seriously - the vast majority of posters on this site (NOT SIGHT!!) can't tell "you're" from "your" or the difference between "two", "to" and "two".Not the brightest crowd, to be sure.

It's amazing to me that they had more than $10 to actually invest with such sub-standard intellect - as evidenced by "me bad" as a response.

I suppose that these are either scratch ticket winners or their educated parents left them something to dispose of.


Me Bad!!!!


When you are ready to come out of the closet Guru, expose who you are as you promised you would do when Jack came forward and gave his name, phone and info, then I will be happy to tell you the names of people who will suffer claw-backs or any other questions I am in the know of. As far as banks, YES, YES, YES they do toss people out on their ears all the time from strange banking practices. If you think for one moment you can just have millions come into a bank account, millions of checks cut to the same people and think that Banks are not schooled to know the signs of Ponzi operations, you are sicker than I thought!


Then do it right. It would be village i d i o t ... not idoit.I mean really....


Can't steal and get away with it. Really? Death by suicide is getting away with it? Until God himself has his way with Dan which you have an inside track on and will let us know when Dead Dan has had his come uppance? Seriously that is messed up.

The rest of the Spokane posters ... have close personal FBI friends now with deep insider info coming to them. Okay.

Please do keep us informed.

But I have never heard of a bank kicking someone out for taking money in from people and paying money out to people. Typically that is called commerce. Unless they had some other information to say why those transactions would be illegal, there is nothing strange about money in.... money out of a bank. I think that's what banks do, isn't it?

Can you with your deep contacts NAME one person who will be clawed back for receiving all these profits?

Don't try and pull the That's Secret line. FBI knows em already, don't they.

I am willing to go with the stock account possibly being a fake demo account and thus not available to throw in on the effort to turn his deal around. That's life.

For the rest of you Spokanites... get some new material.


The estate has no money because it is owned by the goverment now.Any restitution will come from the F.B.I.

receivership, not an estate attorney hired by Dawndee.So Guru get your facts straight and stop being the village i d o i t.


Posted twice so you can really understand whats happening!


Money and get away with it Mr.Guru.

We have something called laws and if you break them as Dan did, you will be punished....even in death!!!! Does not necessarily mean you can't be in heaven because Jesus died for ALL SINS, but do you really think for one second that God is just gonna let this slide without some consequences! Read your bible, all must give an account at judgement day. The earthly consequences are a thing we call justice.

I am gonna school your little brain on this. If Dan was really that smart to do this alone, then he got caught and took a cowards way out. If you and others either knew , suspected or helped and yes that includes Mrs. Dan, you too will be found out.

You see genuis, you are not as smart as the F.B.I. nor do you have the resources they have, so mean time just keep flapping your jaws on here because they more you keep posting like you know what REALLY happened, the more you convince the F.B.I you were somehow involved.

As for arrests, please make sure that you brush your teeth and comb your hair for your FEDERAL mug shot because it will be posted around the world.If I am wrong it would not be the first time, but I think you are involved and I will be waiting for the investigation to shed light on the REAL FACTS.


Money and get away with it Mr.Guru.

We have something called laws and if you break them as Dan did, you will be punished....even in death!!!! Does not necessarily mean you can't be in heaven because Jesus died for ALL SINS, but do you really think for one second that God is just gonna let this slide without some consequences! Read your bible, all must give an account at judgement day. The earthly consequences are a thing we call justice.

I am gonna school your little brain on this. If Dan was really that smart to do this alone, then he got caught and took a cowards way out. If you and others either knew , suspected or helped and yes that includes Mrs. Dan, you too will be found out.

You see genuis, you are not as smart as the F.B.I. nor do you have the resources they have, so mean time just keep flapping your jaws on here because they more you keep posting like you know what REALLY happened, the more you convince the F.B.I you were somehow involved.

As for arrests, please make sure that you brush your teeth and comb your hair for your FEDERAL mug shot because it will be posted around the world.If I am wrong it would not be the first time, but I think you are involved and I will be waiting for the investigation to shed light on the REAL FACTS.


Your back Guru.Lets get some facts straight, those stocks you saw listed, they were fake and as phoney as you are.

He made that up just like he did about making millions each month. Claw-backs are real, they will happen. As far as assets gone, where did the money go, they went the same places as any ponzi scam, to old investors. When you are paying 4% a month, you have forty thousand a month to be paid out per million dollars.

More than half of the people in this were taking money out each month. You do not see there names in the claims and more than half that did invest and never took any money out still have made no claims. You are not smart enough to get that. The reason he was kicked out of US Bank and was about to be kicked out of Chase was because, ONLY money came into the bank, then old investors paid out.

There were no overseas accounts. That is confirmed information from people at the bank that are contacts. Get it? If money is in, then only money out to domestic people right here in the USA that are the same ones getting money each month and this went on for years, you have a PONZI.

You know nothing about the Panama deal, Inova trade matter. The people that are the investigators of that case are close personal friends and I know the facts and the details of that and Dan did not have a dime of his own money in there. He took in money from that and Sarah White helped him do it. They pocketed that money and he ripped it...

Asked people to donate funds to help get the panama money back which Dan and Sarah had all lined up and the facts were (Ask Sarah) about three million dollars. This was all accounted for in other peoples numbers for losses.

So to make a claim that he closed out his "stock accounts" that did not exist, that if real, would have made him 100 times better trader than Warren Buffet. Dan did not have a so called friend named Clark who he claimed gave him the advice.

This person along with his so called lawyer Terry, were as phoney as you and the so called stock list which I have a copy of that was not real. This was on a AOL account, that anyone can make up. You simply go to AOL and punch in your stocks, how many you want to own and presto! You now have a hundred million plus in stocks to impress nuts like you Guru who thought and still are so S.T.U.P.I.D.

to really think it was real. Your speculation is more wild and off base than the shooter on the grassy knoll refuted by over 100 independent studies besides the warren report. You are a conspiracy theorist and a student of the scam man Dan Gaub and are still in love with him. Be patient Guru, stay off the board as you lied and broke your promise so many times you would and stay turned.

It took 120 years for the flood to take place. Noah said it would for 120 years and not many bought into it and in the end, they got washed away. You and your B.S. will be the next bag of wind to get washed and blown away!

:grin Again, the big problem with you Guru is you have people you could call to find out the truth and get educated, you choose not to! I was just like you at one time, for a few days anyway after Dan's death. I picked up the phone called people I knew that knew more than I. I then sat down with them and went over what they knew, saw and witnessed facts and documents.

Then it all was very clear.You are comfortable with your head up your *** and like it in the dark and enjoy the feeling of, ignorance is bliss.

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Yup ... the delusional couple of you can't get it that when they come out and say the estate is insolvent (yes that means broke, bankrupt, dones-ville) they KNOW this would be sending a big "Here we come!" signal to any of those flight risks out there, waiting for a determination on that issue.

Hmmm .... didn't see any men in black showing up.

And I'm guessing those now famously mentioned "claw backs" .... keep dreamin'.

But from all this ... I think I can see a pattern, yes. It has to do with where the money went.

Think about it. They are saying the money is GONE. That also means there isn't any ASSETS to back up that "money was spent" statement.

So.... brainiac ... where'd the money go?

I have an idea. Up in smoke in bad trades. There's no $6 million or more worth of additional boats, homes, cars, watches, diamonds, businesses in his name or accounts to track where the money still resides.

The only other place would be (in my humble opinion based on what I know about Dan) that when things went "bad" with whatever plan he had to make good on all this money given to him, he dumped ALL his money (apparently including some $130 million from a stock / investment brokerage account I saw with my own eyes on his computer) into the Panama Forex Account (Inova Trade for those of you not yet in the loop on that) and ... made some very VERY bad trading decisions. INCLUDING even going with that broker in the first...

Oh well ... that's what makes life go round and round.

And puuullleeassse ... yes we know this was just the most horrendous crime of all time ... but do you really believe this tops the charts on the FBI's list of top 10? Not even close.

It's bad ... but the money is gone.

And yes, we all know as listed by one of our brain trusts that post here....

Dan lied, Ken lied, Nathan lied .. uhhhh.... Yosemite Sam lied, donald duck lied, wow.... all those lies and misinformation and mal-intent and golly ... it's bad, Sarge!

Grow up.

Notices to Claimants telling them to "go home" is pretty much enough to close the books on this one.

For you True Believers though ... keep an eye on this board for the breaking news of arrests!


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I am glad you are feeling comfortable with the idea of prison.Your cellmate will be grateful if you don't resist his love for you.

Just a warning though, feeling giddy and connected won't get any better treatment inside. If I were you I would gather the pictures of your beloved Gaub family and hide them in your cell and I would not mention how much you love them for fear you might make your celly a little jealous.

Hey maybe you will get a Gaub to share the same prison your in......hey that's a thought.Glad I could help!


You are right. A gifted few will keep on keeping the dream alive.

Wow.... such overwhelming arguments almost makes me think the FBI might come after me!

I'm feeling a fitting for a prison jump suit already.

And those naughty unfeeling Gaubs must know how illegal not apologizing for something Dan did must be FBI worthy of arrest too.

Yes.... I a convert now too.

I feel so connected to the source of wisdom now it nearly makes me giddy.


21. Dan never worked a real job in his life.

22. Neither did Dawndee.

23. Gave Jourdans business around 2 million.

24. Owed I.R.S.

25. Can't show proof of trades on paper

26. Nathan won't show proof of trades.

27. Becki always knew what family was doing, so when she claims she did not know, it is not believable. She lies.

28. Nathan ALWAYS lies and tells stories.

29. Ken has lied many times about this and other issues.

30. Family lied on TV and in paper.

31. Ken likes to tell "stories" another word for not tell in the truth (lie).

Are you seeing a pattern of any kind here????


Are you starting to see the trend


1. Dan committed a crime and lied to others.

2. Gaubs don't care about victims and lie about them.

3. Gaubs care about themselves while others are in pain.

4. Gaubs continue "ministry for money"

5. Dawndee lied about estate worth under oath

6. F.B.I still investigating.

7. The possibility of others involved exists.

8. Dan and ONLY Dan is responsible for putting his family through this (hard to feel sorry).

9. Dan and only Dan decided to kill himself.

10. Dan could easily have killed or injured others committing his selfish act.

11. Five Star Foundation is a fraud.

12. Dan and Dawndee lived a greedy lifestyle.

13. Nathan's name is most always found in searches of Dan and his "business" ventures.

14. Dan was having money problems for a while.

15. People were trying to get there money back for sometime with no success.

16. Dan Lied about his success on Seattle Radio John Curly Show.

17. Lies were told at his memorial.

18. Dawndee and family lied about updates and wanting every investor to get there money back with interest promised.

19. Arrests are still possible. (only F.B.I. knows).

20. Guru is a Gaub insider.


People that are clueless on how investigations or the FBI works, think if arrest are not made in 4 months they never will. I guess if the FBI has not given a report by now they never will. Just keep sniffing the glue.


You are jumping to conclusion oh s t u p d poster who thinks this is funny aka Guru.The investigation is still very much alive and full of new surprises everyday.

Don't believe me, pick up the phone if you have the balls (which is doubtful) and call the F.B.I as I did. They know all about this board and the Guru, (I am gonna guess he is a person of interest and they know who he is).

I am guessing they just laugh every time he posts.The saying that it is not over till the fat lady sings, well she has not sung yet, but when she does we will see who gets the last laugh.


But....I'm with you.

You're right. It's over. Some of these delusional schmucks will keep at it for months. I can hear it now.

"But..but.. The FBI said ........". Meanwhile your kid is working at a Burger King to pay for community college. Move on people.

Nothing to see here (flaps hands)..

The only question I have is, why haven't we heard from that Neanderthal *** from Anchorage yet?Lol


1. I'm not a Gaub, but don't hold that against you for thinking I am. It's okay to be that out of touch with reality if you want to be.

2. The "Gaubs" didn't get away with anything. They lost a husband, father, provider, a lifetime of living.

3. The FBI isn't going to arrest anyone. If so, they have had more than enough time and enough evidence to have done that. They aren't concerned with turning someone into a "flight risk" --- if they were concerned about that, that person or those people would have been detained long ago.

4. The money is gone.

5. Get over it.

6. I'm still not a Gaub.


You do not have a clue what you are talking about or how a case works, PERIOD! But you Gaubs just keep thinking you got away with it, OK, in the end, you will learn a few things.


Don't you think if they had enough evidence to come and raid the house, confiscate all the assets worth confiscating, take all the computers and files... they had enough evidence to ALSO arrest anyone that was #1 or #2 on the list of possibles that "did it" too?

Now they have released a notice to all claimants that the estate is insolvent and any claims are defunct.

So ... the "guilty parties" are so relieved they break into spontaneous confessions because the FBI didn't have a clue who they were by now?

Only in your small minded dreams.

No being sneaky about it.

It's over.


Is Guru raising his ugly head again.With more B.S.

and other other ***!

You are so sneaky Guru, do you really think your writing style fools anyone!?!?:eek


You don't know what your talking about.It is still an investigation.

I spoke with F.B.I. and they are saying nothing. That's the way it works. As far as arrests, they are not gonna broadcast till they are at your door.

What info do you have that says Dan was alone? You don't!!!! Nice try. I will bet this is not the end.

You can't steal millions and get away with it.I will wait for F.B.I , not some *** who thinks this is funny.


What are you going to do now.

Your money is officially gone.

No "prison time" for anyone would be a good guess, as badly as our Spokane Prison Zealot would like to think otherwise, even if you are posting against his views.

By now, they have figured out Dan was the brains, motivation, execution officer of the "deal" and he alone would be the one to prosecute. But he's not here, having already given the capitol punishment of death by his own hand.

So what's left. Keep posting how the Gaubs don't give a s h i t about anyone so keep hanging out here waiting for someone to post another official notice about how they feel or don't?

Sorry ... it's over.

Yes, if you get your claim in early, now you can have it registered as officially lost money and you have a brand new tax write off.

Have a good life from here.


Notice was sent to all creditors that filed that the estate is insolvent. They are urging everyone to get their claim filed so it can be declared officially that you are not getting any of your money back, it's all been spent. :?


Creditor's Claim Richard Oxford

$ 5,195.00

14 06-13-2012 CREDITOR'S CLAIM Creditor's Claim Holly Allen

$ 865.00

15 06-13-2012 CREDITOR'S CLAIM Creditor's Claim Tom & Na Mi Oxford

$ 120,000.00

16 06-13-2012 CREDITOR'S CLAIM Creditor's Claim Richard Baxter Jr

$ 260,000.00

17 06-14-2012 CREDITOR'S CLAIM Creditor's Claim Jerald Johnson


18 06-14-2012 CREDITOR'S CLAIM Creditor's Claim Corinne Himmler

$ 28,000.00 Plus Interest

19 06-14-2012 CREDITOR'S CLAIM Creditor's Claim Jch Land Company

$ 132,200.00 Plus Interest

20 06-15-2012 DECLARATION OF MAILING Declaration Of Mailing

21 06-20-2012 CREDITOR'S CLAIM Creditor's Claim Overmiller Group

$ 175,733.06

22 06-20-2012 CREDITOR'S CLAIM Creditor's Claim Steve & Debby

Nordberg - $ 95,000.00

23 06-26-2012 CREDITOR'S CLAIM Creditor's Claim Kathleen Upson

$ 7,000.00

24 06-27-2012 CREDITOR'S CLAIM Creditor's Claim David L Roys

$ 100,000.00

25 06-27-2012 CREDITOR'S CLAIM Creditor's Claim David C Roys

$ 22,000.00

26 06-27-2012 CREDITOR'S CLAIM Creditor's Claim King Investmnts

$ 493,000.00

27 06-29-2012 CREDITOR'S CLAIM Creditor's Clm Bill & Mary Kloster

$ 40,000.00

28 06-29-2012 CREDITOR'S CLAIM Creditor's Claim Michael &...

Mcsharry $ 30,000.00

29 06-29-2012 CREDITOR'S CLAIM Creditor's Claim Thomas Kloster

$ 88,000.00

30 07-02-2012 CREDITOR'S CLAIM Crdtr's Clm Lance & Hilary Johnson

$ 100,000.00

31 07-03-2012 CREDITOR'S CLAIM Creditor's Claim Taylor Herrick

$ 20,941.47 Plus Interest At 4%

32 07-03-2012 CREDITOR'S CLAIM Creditor's Claim Dennis & Connie

Herrick $ 451,776.78 Plus 4% Mo

33 07-03-2012 CREDITOR'S CLAIM Creditor's Claim Bruce & Mary

French - $ 175,000.00

34 07-03-2012 REQUEST Request For Special Notice Of Proc

35 07-03-2012 CREDITOR'S CLAIM Creditor's Claim Tim French

$ 46,000.00

36 07-03-2012 REQUEST Request For Special Notice Of Proc

37 07-03-2012 CREDITOR'S CLAIM Creditor's Claim Elaine Smith

$ 374,000.00

38 07-03-2012 REQUEST Request For Special Notice Of Proc

39 07-03-2012 CREDITOR'S CLAIM Creditor's Claim David Dalton

$ 16,000.00

40 07-03-2012 REQUEST Request For Special Notice Of Proc

41 07-10-2012 CREDITOR'S CLAIM Creditor's Claim $95,000

Kyle & Lori Bisconer

42 07-10-2012 DECLARATION OF MAILING Declaration Of Mailing

43 07-11-2012 CREDITOR'S CLAIM Creditor's Claim - Bobbie Catron


44 07-11-2012 CREDITOR'S CLAIM Creditor's Claim - Connie Catron


45 07-11-2012 CREDITOR'S CLAIM Creditor's Claim - Lori Young


46 07-16-2012 CREDITOR'S CLAIM Creditor's Claim Francis & Pam

Mcsharry $ 110,000.00 W/4% Per Mont


47 07-16-2012 CREDITOR'S CLAIM Creditor's Claim Andrew Cook

$ 51,099.22

48 07-17-2012 CREDITOR'S CLAIM Creditor's Claim Kenneth & Gloria

Frueh - $ 70,280.81

49 07-18-2012 CREDITOR'S CLAIM Creditor's Claim Kopperstone Family

Outreach $ 301,116.00 As Of 5/1/12

Plus 4% Per Month

50 07-19-2012 CREDITOR'S CLAIM Creditor's Claim Aaron Harvey

$ 9,815.30

51 07-23-2012 CREDITOR'S CLAIM Creditor's Claim Thomas & Laura

O'hara $ 678,636.00 Plus 4% Per Mon

52 07-24-2012 CREDITOR'S CLAIM Creditor's Claim Eric Painter

Dba R&r Group $314,263.48

53 07-24-2012 CREDITOR'S CLAIM Creditor's Claim Wayne Bombard

Dba R&r Group $157,610.38

54 07-31-2012 CREDITOR'S CLAIM Creditor's Claim Howard & Ruth

Gunnarson $116,873.36

55 07-31-2012 CREDITOR'S CLAIM Creditor's Claim John H & Rebecca

L Czubkowski $28,576.00

56 07-31-2012 CREDITOR'S CLAIM Creditor's Claim Karry D Malcolm


57 07-31-2012 CREDITOR'S CLAIM Creditor's Claim Phillip A Malcolm


58 07-31-2012 CREDITOR'S CLAIM Creditor's Claim Robert J Malcolm


59 07-31-2012 CREDITOR'S CLAIM Creditor's Claim Stephen L Malcolm


60 08-01-2012 CREDITOR'S CLAIM Crdtr Clm Erik & Katie Bombard


61 08-02-2012 CREDITOR'S CLAIM Crdtr's Clm Richard Lucas


62 08-02-2012 CREDITOR'S CLAIM Crdtr's Clm Christopher & Deanne

Seale $39,104.14

63 08-02-2012 CREDITOR'S CLAIM Crdtr's Clm Michael & Sandy

Gunnarson $234,555.46

64 08-02-2012 CREDITOR'S CLAIM Crdtr's Clm Chris & Heather Lee


65 08-02-2012 CREDITOR'S CLAIM Crdtr's Clm Rod & Linda Mutch


66 08-02-2012 CREDITOR'S CLAIM Crdt's Clm Elaine Anderson

$32, 642.00

67 08-02-2012 NOTICE TO CREDITORS Notice To Creditors

68 08-03-2012 CREDITOR'S CLAIM Creditor's Claim Steven Rice


69 08-06-2012 CREDITOR'S CLAIM Creditor's Claim Bryan Holmes


$413,000.00 Plus 4% Interest Per

70 08-06-2012 CREDITOR'S CLAIM Creditor's Claim Howard C Ferris


71 08-07-2012 CREDITOR'S CLAIM Creditor's Claim Jon & Janet

Cheetham $495,708.85

72 08-09-2012 CERTIFICATE OF MAILING Certificate Of Mailing

73 08-09-2012 CREDITOR'S CLAIM Creditor's Claim Godfry Acoustics

$ 60,000.00

74 08-09-2012 CREDITOR'S CLAIM Creditor's Claim Larry & Nancy

Godfrey $ 193,374.30

75 08-09-2012 CREDITOR'S CLAIM Creditor's Claim Greg A Jones

$ 38,164.22


ATY0001 Notice Of Appearance

Vane, Patrick Howard

77 08-17-2012 INVENTORY Prlimnry Inventory & Appraismnt

78 08-21-2012 CREDITOR'S CLAIM Creditor's Claim Jill Van Horn

At Least $ 223,000.00

79 08-21-2012 CREDITOR'S CLAIM Creditor's Claim John & Betty

Householder $ 60,000.00

80 08-21-2012 CREDITOR'S CLAIM Creditor's Claim Curtis & Karen

Berger $ 208,688.48

81 08-21-2012 REQUEST Request For Special Notice Of Proc

82 08-21-2012 CREDITOR'S CLAIM Creditor's Claim Michael Huff

At Least $ 22,050.00

83 08-22-2012 CREDITOR'S CLAIM Creditor's Claim Stephen & Colette

Litchfield $50,000.00

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Gaubs do not give a *** what Dan did!


Dawndee, Ethan, Sid, Sid's wife and all the people on the board who disagreed with everything posted are due to spend one or more lifetimes in Fed. Prison.

Do they owe an apology?

Maybe by "karmic law" but from a real life scenario where real people live, I think they are working to ignore as much as they can and let the whole thing get some years distance away.

But you can sure hope ... and post!


I can see how frustrating that can be. At the very least it seems she could give the not really an apology apology that baseball payers give after getting caught with roids. She seems weird.

On a lighter note, I don't think life in prison for not apologizing is an answer.


Patrick is a securities lawyer in Seattle. Not sure if he is representing the Gaubs or the Claimants. This information is on the Wa State Court Records web site.


Dan committed a horrific crime,have not got an update from Dawndee as promised, so I take that as "tough luck everyone, we stole your money and don't owe anyone an explanation" and to that I would reply, you have to answer to the U.S.goverment for this, at the very least they want tax money paid, you might be able to steal from us little people, but not the goverment.

They already showed you when they put tax liens for the little amount you owed what they can do.

They will provide free housing for life to you and your helpers, this I can guarantee.Just wait and see!!!!


when you get more than ten people in a club and more than $9mil then arrests must be had.

this whole time i thought it was like 83 people and $7mil.

things have to be done FBI. We know you're there...using these and other words to enhance your investigation. com'on we're losing time here.

also...what did the susie q alias stuff mean?

more FBI encoding stuff to be sure.somebody find this patrick he probably thinks this song is about him.


Ahhhh ....ummmmm ....

what are you talking about there Spokane-ite.

What looks like arrests ..

and what explaining needs to be done?Why???


Looks like Dan's "friends and family" group where he led me to believe was a small number of people (like under ten). Dawndee and Nathan, you have some explaining to do. I am not sure how you spin this or do you just except this as a crime.


Looking more and more like arrests are coming!

watching and waiting


$9,185,803.27 Claims against estate


what does this mean?


Tax guy, we get it, no need to post over and over again!


Hey ....if you can't post it on a site, you know how to type.

Type it verbatim.In am not alone in wanting to "see" what it really says.

That would be on topic for a change.






*** ***


was not meant for anchorage.

this is for person that calls me d.o.p.e. When dikc has no confusing periods. I have not addressed you without you answering questions not meant for you.

Your FBI buddies would agree with me that you're bordering on cyber bullying.

Please don't address me…on a more humourous note I left a 'd' out of address and my notepad corrected it as 'caress'. Don't do that either.


must be smarter than me…these mind cramping acronyms got me busting brain vessels


Guru you are a punk


Don't you feel special now that you have the Spokane Boss on your butt?

I think you're right ... he's busy impersonating both the FBI AND someone with intelligence.


Get off the board you big d.o.p.e.


Doesn't answer any of them.I was asking the fbi a few questions and then you impersonated a government official and answered for them.

I took your advice and wikihow really helped.The first tip is the same that should be said about this thread...Don't trust anyone.


Yes, they work weekends.Yes they monitor this board.

No, people don't go to jail for for they say on here, but the info proves valuable in the investigation. Go to surviving federal prison on Google for your info.. F.B.I. does not need an alias, they represent the goverment and if they did they sure are not telling you genuis.

And no they are not Guru, they are not that s.t.u.p.i.d.Hopes that answers your question


do you work weekends?I didn't know you cared so much to monitor us.

Is it true that people go to jail because of what they type here? Where can I Get this manual on fed prison survival?

Do you have an alias?You're not guru are you?


it feels great to know that there is a self appointed parent in a thread about financial turmoil. You're definitely not a deadbeat talk too much for that. Could be the annoying step mother pushing buttons then criticizing for reactions.

I think you and both know that it's kinda fun to get the reactions you're getting but during the short few days there was nobody from Yakima (ya I know nobody is from where it says) postings were minimal and on the topic.

Last thing. While you suggest posting with some facts, I agree. As the parent, you should lead the way. It'll be a fun family game.

…I would also like some proof of the death certificate. Very intriguing.


it doesn't work. I've mentioned this very thing multiple times. It seems impossible for these few to go beyond themselves and not react.


Please don't miss the point.The F.B.I.

monitors this board. The more Guru talks, the more he proves he really knows the inside scoop. He is giving the investigators lots of valuable info every time he posts. Your not invisible to them.

Remember they are investigating a CRIME and have the power to do anything necessary to get info.

including info on this board.Keep talking Guru, you will have plenty of time when your locked up to reflect on where you went wrong!


You can\'t actually believe these self absorbed sorry excuses for human beings can actually just sit back and not try for that last word, turn of a phrase and scoring of a point, really?Good luck with that.


Just look and observe. When I or guru or a few others with opinions about moving on, healing, anything other than the lowest level of thought and expression post here, they vent.

It is cathartic.

Why not give the FBI a call Monday for an update? Get something even if it is just to ask if they may still be looking to arrest people three years from now. And for sure as about the claw backs and if, hey have identified any "winning investors" in this whole deal.

Let me say it for the children here.... "you can't call the FBI, they won't talk to you.... its too early and besides, they might want to put you in prison just for opening your mouth."

In a word..., bull s h i t.

I'm still waiting for our resident big mouth with the details of Dan's death to post it if he's got it. That would actually be of value.


To almost everyone here....if you wish to have guru leave.....stop addressing him....


You are about as clueless as a Cockroach on a turd.The Feds are working on this, it takes a lot of time.

Second, you have no idea who is or is not getting arrested. Next, its called Claw-backs fool. People that made hundreds of thousands of dollars in this classic ponzi style scam are forced to give the funds back. There is millions tied up in that alone.

That is then transferred over to victims. There is a group called "winning investors" those that made illegal profits and then a group called "losing investors" those that lost and did not get back their principle. Stop trying to act like a know it all and for once keep to your promise and just leave. You are not helping anyone as you keep acting like you are.

You continue to use your 3rd grade level mind to try to comprehend, analyze and give out advice you know nothing about. I was in a situation like this out of California and it took three years before they made arrest. People had moved on with their life's. People involved with the Ponzi thought they were all safe and all was well.

Then BOOM! They were arrested. I know you think you are an expert Guru, you are just a fool with a computer and too much time on his hands.

Get a job and a life and leave the victims alone!You just continue to re-victimize them over and over!